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3 days ago

Fantastic, had the entire place to ourselves besides one couple. Worth hauling a pack up. 10/22/16-10/23/16. Great weather, just a bit windy at night!

You can even go behind the falls. Be careful. Spring is the best time. Lots of water during that time of year.

11 days ago

Good hike. Great views after mile 3 In the talus field. Then great views of Wilson Peak and Sunshine Mountain. Pay attention to the map because it's easy to get sidetracked if you follow the bike tracks. (I ended up over a mile SW because I didn't prepare)

Views are impressive. I live at sea level but feel like I am in good shape. I took 90 minutes to get to the peak including rest breaks. It took 60 minutes to get down.

nature trips
13 days ago

Family friendly, hike either above (bridge) or into (stairs down) the canyon. $4 access fee.

Outstanding but steep hike. Not for the faint of heart - I did get butterflies in a few spots. Gorgeous views all the way to the top. Stopped and made hot coffee with the jetboil just past the first building and simply enjoyed the wonderful view of Ouray and the mountains. Garmin logged 5.13 miles roundtrip and 2,663 elevation gain.

13 days ago

Beautiful view at the end and throughout! Spectacular! Had a horrible time finding trailhead. These directions are wrong. Need to take county road 7 out of Ridgeway and take it for a long time. Also this hike is Blue Lakes, there is a Blues Lake hike right out of telluride so it can be confusing. Once you find it it is a great hike!

Definitely touristy- but, it's a cool place to visit. Walking down the stairway is a must-do.

18 days ago

this is my favorite hike so far

off road driving
25 days ago

I started by driving up from Telluride to Bridal Falls by the power plant. Once the road stopped, I hiked up about 3 mi to Blue Lakes -- although, it was starting to get cloudy and cold (on the verge of raining) once I got up there. The trail up was great weather (long sleeves) and moderate, as it's all uphill. The way down I got rained on (and a little hail), but passed after 10 minutes and led to beautiful, sunny weather. It's worth it for the views of Telluride and the wildflowers! The road up though was a bit difficult but steady, controlled driving (and a 4WD SUV) is all you need.

off road driving
25 days ago

I drove up to Alta Lakes to set up camp July 4th weekend. It was rainy and therefore the drive up was muddy -- and pretty nerve-wracking. As soon as I got up there, I went over a big dip and honestly thought I might end up stuck up by the lakes...
It was also very cold -- much colder than down in Telluride (and this was only at 2pm). I ended up not camping here, however, it was a gorgeous place!

off road driving
25 days ago

I went down this road for about 45 minutes (stopped to take a loooot of pictures). I was in my Nissan Rogue and did perfectly fine. Granted, this was after driving as far as the road takes you to Bridal Veil Falls, so comparatively a breeze :)

I stopped toward a large opening and camped with about 6 other small groups/couples. The best place to wake up to -- I will be going back as much as humanly possible!

Cool trail, we actually hiked up the rocks rather than the trail itself, got about a half mile up before we turned around

Trail was great but if you're staying at the big blue campground near the trailhead its even better. 2 roads in, take alpine road if you're feeling really crazy, 1 lane with tight switchbacks, a much shorter drive in, but not for those afraid of heights.

Very steep and very beautiful!

off road driving
26 days ago

Drove and hiked portions of this trail in September 2015. Portions are rocky with high clearance a must. Fun driving, fun hiking, elevation kicked my butt, and beautiful scenery.