It's not a real trail, it's a dirt road... it's pretty at the end where you get to hike the dam for 10 min to see the reservoir which is nice.

Not the most beautiful I have seen, but definitely worth it. It was perfect for a shorter hike and great with my dog. The service road requires on leash but the trail itself is off leash.

Sleepy Lion trail was awesome. Great views. Lots of ups and downs. Walking the service road back from the dam is just ok. Next time we will hike back via Sleepy Lion. Great quick hike

Nice low key spot to get out and do something. Fun for the kids, great creek access and rocks to climb on.

Great trail through a beautiful park of the forest and good parking. To much walking on dirt roads with construction to get to actual trailhead and after trail ended to get back to the car. Came to hike I can walk on a dirt road just about anywhere

Nice trail, not very crowded. Beautiful views of the lake from the top of the sleepy lion trail. You can also hike to the top of the dam and connect to several other trails at the top.

Fairly easy trail to hike with decent views. It's nothing spectacular but a nice hike nonetheless.

Thus trail is great once you get to the off leash areas. A climb over the hill. a couple of hard to spot the trail among the rock but do able and my dogs just love it. they run and climb and explore the mountain. I follow their lead and found some interesting views I would not have found otherwise. Wish I know of more places like this as me dog are not only very content when we could me home but also very tired. Good puppies.

Nice hike. The most cool thing is an dog leash area (not really common thing on trails).

A good family hike

Good trail, easy-moderate 4 mile hike (we hiked up to the lake from below, so 4.5 mi). 1.5 miles or so on dirt road, so not optimal. We did the loop plus short huff up to the reservoir in about 2:30hrs including one break. It's not hiking the Grand Tetons or Maroon Bells, but the description doesn't lie and we enjoyed it.