From high grassy meadows at 8,100 feet to soaring granite cliffs over 10,000 feet, Staunton State Park's varied geology, soils, water features, and climate support rare and unexpected plant communities and a rich diversity of wildlife and provide a myriad of outdoor recreation opportunities. Colorado's newest state park opened to the public on May 18, 2013. The park is located approximately 40 miles southwest of downtown Denver, north of US Highway 285 and about six miles west of Conifer. The Park sits divided between Park and Jefferson counties, in Pine, Colorado. The first 1,720-acre parcel of land was donated to Colorado State Parks in 1986 by Frances Hornbrook Staunton. Subsequent parcels of land were added over the years to make up the now 3,828 acre park.

This was a very nice easy trail. We took my 9 yr old and he did the whole 12 miles with no problem. We also stopped and fished at a small lake along the way, caught some nice little guys, catch and release only. Lots of bikers on the trail, but everyone was very courteous. Saw lots of mule deer along the trail. Also saw 3 coyote on the drive there cross the road. There was Porto potties along the trail also, very convenient. Really enjoyed this hike.

We actually hiked to Elk Falls (not in AllTrails) which was 12 miles out and back. It was pretty easy hike, we even took my 9 yr old with no complaints! Started around 10am, finished at 530pm not very busy at all. Saw 3 coyotes on the road on the way up and tons of mule deer along the trail. We did get hailed on, had to hide under some trees, but the waterfall was beautiful. Volunteers did drive by twice during our hike. Great biking trails also!

There are numerous hikes here so you have options depending on what you want to see and what you're up for. $7 entrance fee, they provide a map, we saw numerous staff offering assistance and NO DOG POOP/BAGS along the trail!

We hiked up to a few scenic viewpoints then to the Old Mill then down the trail to the Old Mill. Strenuous and further than we'd planned but pretty. Lots of mountain bikers and a few horses but everyone was courteous and shared the trail.

Fun hike. Lots of areas of shade and exposure.

Close to Denver, gorgeous weather, beautiful views, and not much elevation gain. Great last minute decision to hike! Not very crowded, however, started around 9am. Started to get crowded as we left around 1pm. There is a "new" trail called Chimney Rock, veering left after the cabin and lake. This takes you to the base of the falls -- great lunch spot.

I don't even want to tell you guys about how amazing this trail is so I can keep it to myself

First time here. Absolutely beautiful, family friendly, dog friendly, easy to moderate depending on the trails you choose. Rock climbing area was awesome. We hiked to the pond and went behind it, and hiked another mile to the waterfall, laid a few towels down, read and relaxed. So chill.
Next time I'm coming to bike it!! Most trails allow biking and horseback, too.

horseback riding
2 months ago

We had a wonderful ride. If you have a horse trailer, know that there are about 6 designated parking spots.

We did this trail, and added others making our ride just shy of 15 miles. Lots of little water crossings that are very rocky. The hikers and bikers were all very courteous.

Staunton is 1st Class. Anything from a 3 mile to a 17 mile hike is doable at this park, without having to do the same trail twice. People giving this park less and a 4 star review are hacks.

Fun hike. A little busy, however not as bad as a lot of state parks in Colorado.