Generally pretty flat. Has a good spread of trails that span all over the park. Very dog friendly - mine loves it here.

mountain biking
5 months ago

Not much to see, but it's an easy hike for all ages and dogs.

Pretty simple trail. Bring your dog! They will love it! Easily the largest dog park I've even been to!

Loved the walk at 530am and didn't know it was a dog park and Loved seeing so many and petting them! If I knew I would'vr bought my li'l doggy

People please realize that this is a OFF-LEASH DOG PARK!!! It has a canal with reasonably clean water that pretty much all the dogs play in. That being said, if you are NOT willing to get a little wet from shaking dogs then don't bother. Personally, my dog loves it here but I never enjoy hearing someone complain about getting wet or annoyed by dogs...AT A DOG PARK. If your dog is well behaved, then by all means come and check this place out!

8 months ago

kinda a boring trail, would be great for beginners and kids.

Lots of open space and once you get past the front, it's great for practicing off leash walking with your dog without too many distractions!

mountain biking
1 year ago

Hike at your own risk. This open space lies due east and well within the fallout zone of the former Rocky Flats factory. That facility manufactured parts for nuclear bombs out of plutonium and both airborne and waterborne waste has been documented in this area. The Woman Creek reservoir, which is visible past Mower Reservoir on the west side of the open space is a catchment pond for keeping polluted waste from continuing to Stanley Lake.

No trails around the lake. Some pretty views in the distance but lots of parking lots, campers, and roads. Perhaps taking the bike path would have been more fun?