Nice fairly easy trail (beginning is a bit more challenging up hill). Most of the hike is pretty barren. The views from the top of South Table Mountain are beautiful.

24 days ago

A nice, mellow, trail with plenty of alternate routes with varying difficulty. Some can be a bit challenging. A fun day hike for sure.

Steep climb to get you all warmed up and beautiful sights and smells along the way. Check out the rock climbing and the beautiful gorge on the back side. Nice trail all around.

went to the peak of where the old tram went. Maybe 1- 2 miles.. great!

The best advice is to pick a trail and roll with it. There are a ton of unofficial trails that will take you to the top!

Do not follow the directions given by some sites to enter near the Rolling Hills County Club. Not worth it. All other access points proved to be awesome though!

Great views from up top! A very easy hike.

The trails leading up are okay, but not as beautiful as some of the other hikes in the area. You also don't get any shade.

A definite plus is that it doesn't get crowded on the weekends.

Relatively easy hike, flat once you get to the top. Great views of Golden and Denver. Be warned there is no shade so sunscreen is necessary.

Nice hike close to Denver. Nice elevation to get to the top but pretty flat once you are at the top. Great views of Golden and beyond; lots of wildflowers. Also saw 2 rattlesnakes so be careful.

South Table Mountain is nice. I live in the apartments at the base and the mesa was a deciding factor for moving there. There is an easier switch back trail behind the Camden Apartments and a more challenging "straight up" trail behind the Montrachet apartments. Once at the top, the views are pretty cool, especially at night overlooking denver metro. I've hiked in literally all weather conditions and it's been pretty fun. During the spring and summer though, watch out for the Rattlesnakes!

awesome views of downtown golden, coors brewery and downtown denver off in the distance. pretty short hike too, doesnt take too long.

Quick and easy cap to exploring Virginia Valley. Took steep alternative trail straight back to TH from stairs, super fun.

great for trail running, but keep an eye out for rattlesnakes!