mountain biking
17 days ago

the first part is a bit of a grunt but very easy when you get to the top. great view too.

Great hike with beautiful views. Went on a Sunday mid-day and while there was a decent amount of traffic on the trail, it didn't feel crowded or take away from the experience!

24 days ago

Getting to the top of the mesa is a great warm-up, once you get to the top, it's very easy-going. Lots of paths to choose from, so even if you see a lot of people on the way up, because it's so spread out, you'll still have a nice, quiet time. No shade at all, so not a favorite for the middle of summer, but great for when it's cooler. Lots of grass and open space, great views of Golden and Denver, very peaceful.

Nice fairly easy trail (beginning is a bit more challenging up hill). Most of the hike is pretty barren. The views from the top of South Table Mountain are beautiful.

3 months ago

A nice, mellow, trail with plenty of alternate routes with varying difficulty. Some can be a bit challenging. A fun day hike for sure.

Steep climb to get you all warmed up and beautiful sights and smells along the way. Check out the rock climbing and the beautiful gorge on the back side. Nice trail all around.

3 months ago