The Dakota Ridge side was ok. It was not as remote as I like with views of freeways and car noise. The trail was rugged but not a terrible hike. The Red Rocks trail was better with more people but better views. I would probably do an out and back on the Red Rocks trail if I did this hike again.

Dakota ridge part very technical. Red rocks great steady trail running.

Want a work out with enough flat land to catch your breath? This is it!

Awesome hike with great views, perfect length on an awesome weekend

very technical rocks and drops ... some spots ride real close to the edge be cautious of dropoffs and line choice when at high speeds.
check out this video of the whole ridge and be sure to like and subscribe for more

4 months ago

This puppy is steep in places but a worthy challenge with surroundings inviting enough to encourage deviation from the marked trails. A quick hike. The trail adjacent to it was heavily trafficked, but a brisk, steep climb. Beware lack of cover means heavy sun exposure near midday. No rattlesnakes observed in early August

Good Trail with some more challenging parts. Great view of red rocks on one side

Great trail with a lot of breathtaking views along the way. Definitely would be insanely hard mountain bike but hiking wasn't too bad. We just did the Dakota Ridge trail to the end and back and it ended up being about 4.5 miles. We heard several people say watch out for rattlesnakes.. Luckily we didn't come across any. Would definitely hike this trail again.

Be warned! If you do both of these trails as the description displays it will be more like an 8 mile hike.. Not 5.9 miles. I really enjoyed the views from the Dakota Ridge trail. Be aware it is on a ridge so it can have the ankle bending effect. The only bummer is the Dakota Ridge has freeways on both sides. Makes it a good hike for headphones to block out the sound of the cars. I saw someone mountain biking on the Dakota trail and looked like he wasn't having much fun.

Nice long stroll type of a hike for the dog and I. Easy terrain and very beautiful, especially towards the end of the journey.

6 months ago

Long but good!

Amazing views of nature at its finest! Great history of Red Rocks Amphitheater as well! Rock ON!

Nice hike nice views of Red Rocks. Trail is pretty much straight forward so you shouldn't get lost just follow signs and have a hikin day

no good views.... but a good hike none the less

mountain biking
7 months ago

Very technical, expert trail.

Good views and steep climbs on the ridge. Pleasant flats near Red Rocks.