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Beautiful trail. Was definitely worth the effort. Probably the most beautiful trail I've ever done. We also hiked to Island lake which was also amazing. If you hike to Island Lake be prepared for a tough hike, was a bit dangerous in a few spots. My wife and I hiked around the whole lake, even though there is no trail around Island lake. Will try to hike to Fuller Lake next time around.

Hiked this trail on October 22 . First mile maybe is through a long open valley meadow. Grasses were brown but surrounding views still beautiful. The hiking up the mountainside wasn't too difficult, but there were lots of little side trails we somehow got onto - and met another couple who did same thing. Then what seemed to be the only way back down to the meadow was a VERY steep path. down the mountainside. It can't have been the actual trail, but was the only way down that we saw. We turned around and went back the way we came, as did the other couple. Never saw a hint of a waterfall or even where one could have been, so I'm sure we weren't on the right trail. Needless to say, for 2 couples to get confused means it should be better marked. View were indeed very nice though.

Great views

My pups love this trail. It has a good mix of sceneries and I love the waterfall on the back end trail.

off road driving
11 days ago

Not a bad little drive. The west side has a few rough bits, but nothing you can't handle with 4x4. Great views.

Amazing !! So worth it

12 days ago

Climbing straight up, pretty strenuous, beautiful lakes at the top. Amazingly blue.

14 days ago

Hard as a motha', but worth it in the end.

This was such a beautiful hike. There were flowing streams, crisp waterfalls, and steep terrain. I do think that the distance is off. I wore a tracker and we had traveled 2.7 miles by the time we arrived to the first lake, which is not the beautiful blue lakes. Then we trekked another 1.5 miles to get to the coral blue lake and there were more beyond that. So the hike out took almost 3 hours, with a snack break. The hike back took 2hours .

This is my favorite hike yet. Absolutely stunning. Very hard but worth every step. Definitely visit Island Lake as well.

Great easy trail, end of road beautiful waterfall.

26 days ago

up all the way through forest that burned in 2002. some newer growth Aspen and scuba oak. Nice view from top of ridge at the end of long difficult climb.

Awesome this hike was pretty easy and I have a hurt knee!!! And the waterfall was absolutely beautiful!!!!

Way harder than other "moderate" hikes we've done but it was a great hike!

26 days ago

Beautiful trail but very hard. Elevation gain and high altitude make it a challenge. Pack weight was around 55lbs.

off road driving
27 days ago

Easy drive but beautiful scenery.

Lovely hike with moderate but frequent elevation changes. Our kids (4,10,&12) did great on the trail. The dogs loved it too! Wonderful colors in autumn.

Amazing views and would recommend going to island lake.