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The Roosevelt National Forest is a national forest located in north central Colorado. It is contiguous with the Colorado State Forest as well as the Arapaho National Forest. The forest is administered jointly with the Arapaho National Forest and the Pawnee National Grassland from offices in Fort Collins.

Short and sweet! Good incline at the start, nice run down the rest. Pretty views of the mountains.

Great hike! Fourth of July road is a little bumpy going up but four wheel drive isn't needed. The trail isn't busy which I love. A little over half way there's beautiful waterfalls. The incline was gradual. The hike took me about three hours and that was with a good time spent at the lake.

Pretty trail! Quick easy hike to get to Mitchel Lake! I recommend continuing on to blue lake!

trail running
6 days ago

This was a pretty good 8 mile trail run with a little loop in there. The uphill section after leaving the river kicked by butt, however coming down that was a lot of fun. Also, the first part of the trip had wonderful fall leaves along the stream which made for a gorgeous hike. There is about 10 stream crossings which made for a little fun during my run. While not my favorite trail running place, I would do this again for a trail run.

Fun trail crossing the river on stones and logs! Also get to see whats left of a homestead and it really brings you back in time! A gorgeous hike year round!

6 days ago

Good hike! Be prepared for change in weather at the lake.

trail running
7 days ago

This trail is actually 6 miles one way from first parking area. Ends at Buchanan Pass trailhead. Great hike to go alone and meander with your thoughts. Fun day!

Such a beautiful hike! A little taxing on the lungs of this brand new Colorado resident, but so worth the trip! It took about 3 hours with amazing viewpoint stops along the way. The lake itself is crystal clear and gorgeous! Be cautious of the road leading up to the trailhead- it's a fairly bumpy ride!

8 days ago

Really easy hike definitely wouldn't classify it as hard. Pretty views at the top and along the way

Great spot to hang out. Not really a trail. Hell of a time getting up the path.

Definitely a moderate hike but a great workout. Good views here and there. Deer everywhere. Lots of bikers on Nelson. Overall though great hike.

Stunning views.

Awesome hike. 800ft vertical at the end was killer on the calves.

9 days ago

Wife and I are new to hiking but love adventure. This trail has everything we could have asked for in a Colorado hike. Creeks, waterfalls, rugged terrain mixed with easy paths, and a great view as you reach the lake. The trail itself is great if you're looking for a bit of a challenge, and it really provided a great sense of being deep in the wilderness at points. The last 4-5 miles on the drive in are the only thing I'd be wary of. The road is meant for a vehicle that can take a bit if a beating in suspension and tires, but it's well worth the trek!

9 days ago

only thing that was tough was just the relentless uphill switchbacks. This trail is not 3.3 miles RT either, it's about 4.1. Views were great but not as good as they could've been as we went late afternoon in hopes of having the trail to ourselves. Only saw two other groups hiking down and had the rock to ourselves. The little scramble to the top isn't bad. Will probably hike again this winter, then spring, then be done as the fee is off putting.

Wonderful hike with great views. We got there at 8:30 and Long Lake parking lot was full, so we went down and parked in the small Niwot lot on the SW side of Branaird lake. It adds probably 1 mile on to the hike from Long Lake parking lot, but still probably knocks 3/4 mile off of the day-use lot.

If you understandably thought it couldn't get more beautiful than what you were looking at at the bottom in front of Branaird Lake, then enjoy knowing that it does. The hike to Lake Isabelle is about 3.5 miles, but pretty easy. That would be a great hike in itself and Lake Isabelle is gorgeous.

From there you can make a decision because the last 1.5 miles up to the glacier is by far the hardest part of the hike. It has just as much elevation gain as the first 3.5 miles, and it gets rocky. It can be hard to follow the trail, especially with the snow in October. It essentially doubled the time of our hike. The views are great though, so if you have the time and the energy, definitely continue.

on Flatirons Vista Trail

11 days ago

Relatively nice hike. Lots of sun exposure though. Wear sunscreen.

11 days ago

Hands down my favorite hike to date, the views were breathtaking, the lakes were gorgeous and the last bit was quite fun , the trail disappeared over a few boulder fileds but was never hard to find again. The glacier was very referring to reach. I would suggest getting there early to get decent parking and to beat any afternoon storms.

This trail has everything, woods, meadows, waterfalls, water crossings, alpine lakes. I love it! It's a leg and lung killer towards the top