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This section of the Rocky Mountains has ecosystems varying in elevation from the over 150 riparian lakes to Montane and subalpine forests to the alpine tundra. Large wildlife including mule deer, bighorn sheep, black bears, and cougars inhabit these igneous mountains and glacier valleys. The fourteener Longs Peak and Bear Lake are popular destinations.

Very enjoyable out and back. The higher the elevation the better the hike.

Lots of people the first mile and then it thins way out. Lake is beautiful even in the rain and wind.

9 days ago

10 days ago

Geat hike but even more awesome as snowshoe! I felt like it was a much steeper climb in snow than without....lots of fun off trail on downhill between switchbacks.

My husband and I went snowshoeing for the first time on this trail. The snowy conditions made parking kind of a pain, but the area was fun and definitely gives you that snowy Rocky Mountain feel. We walked a total of 3.6 miles on this trail (to and fro) and saw amazing sights despite the very deep snow and windy/snowy conditions. We also came across a moose and her calf!

12 days ago

Peaks is a monster! but it's absolutely breath taking, and certainly worth it!

14 days ago

Beautiful hike! Opted Outside with friends on Black Friday, so traffic was very high, but still thinned out towards the top. Chilly trek in the winter months, and poles are definitely a must if the trail is well-packed with snow or starting to ice over. Kept a few slips from turning into full-on falls on the way down. Inspiring views along the way and at the end!

Upper Beaver Meadow Road was closed, so we parked off the mail road and walked. Dogs are allowed on the road (we saw at least three people with dogs on leashes), but not on the actual trail.

18 days ago

12-31 Snowshoe outing. Saw plenty of people in only hiking boots but it might be tough without snowshoes or tracks on the steep last half mile to the cascades. Mostly frozen and snow covered so not as impressive as in summer but still a great hike. The winter parking area adds a mile on to the hike each way. The restroom was open at the summer parking area though so that was nice.

18 days ago

One of my favorite snowshoeing treks in Colorado! The snow was perfect and the lakes were stunning. A little busy due to the holidays, but all friendly folks on the trail.

Loved it! A great winter hike... didn't need snow shoes today, but it was a little slick on the way down. Definitely worth it though because to view at the top is spectacular!

Beautiful hike, gets pretty rocky but it's well worth it.

23 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous. If you're in halfway decent shape and are willing to sweat a bit then you'll enjoy it. Lots of snow and ice (frozen lakes) in the winter, but the trail was clearly marked and lots of people were out enjoying it. Definitely start this hike early in the day.

25 days ago

Attempted to snowshoe this trail last weekend when the snowstorm hit. Did not make it to any of the lakes. It was too cold and there was no clear trail. My buddy and I got lost a couple times and had to make our own trail. Barely made it half way but I would attempt this on a better weather day. It was surreal and amazing though!

25 days ago

Very beautiful 3 days before santa arrives...alot of snow!

27 days ago

Generally less water in the fall, but more colors and allows access to areas you couldn't during high water. Fun hike.

We expanded this hike by first following the Big Thompson River along a trail by Bear Lake Rd, under the road and a little ways along Eagle Cliff Mt and then back. Saw a large elk herd in Moraine Park along with a few other bulls. We added part of Cub Lake trail up to Fern Lake Rd, took the shuttle to the Center, looked around there, and walk back down to where we parked. Did this hike in September.