great hike, mimimal traffic!

7 days ago

Great hike. Really lightly trafficked. No trail markers but the crushed granite trail ways are easy to spot and track. Very well laid trails with sweeping views and plenty of routes to explore off of the main trail system.

amazing views, a bit icy at this time of year, we were able to make it around with our hiking shoes though. fun trail!

1 month ago

great view at the top. pretty easy.

2 months ago

I went from Elk to Oxen to Eagle's View, and returned via Ravens Roost. I think the round trip was closer to 5 miles than 4.4 (I calculated it to be 4.9 miles.) I agree with the review stating trail was easy enough, because it is well marked, wide enough and has a decent surface of gravel, dirt, pine needles ( a little bit of snow frosting the trees and path in some places very pretty).
I also agree it's challenging enough because it consistently inclines (steeper in some places than others), but the effort is worth it when you get to the top of Eagle's View - The mountain panorama is gorgeous.