9 days ago

I went from Elk to Oxen to Eagle's View, and returned via Ravens Roost. I think the round trip was closer to 5 miles than 4.4 (I calculated it to be 4.9 miles.) I agree with the review stating trail was easy enough, because it is well marked, wide enough and has a decent surface of gravel, dirt, pine needles ( a little bit of snow frosting the trees and path in some places very pretty).
I also agree it's challenging enough because it consistently inclines (steeper in some places than others), but the effort is worth it when you get to the top of Eagle's View - The mountain panorama is gorgeous.

Great fairly easy hike. I went from Elk to Oxen to this trail then took ravens roost to elk again on the way out. Nice views at the top, only saw one other person in the last mile back to the car.

Trail was appropriately rated, not too tough but challenging enough to get you breathing heavy. Great panoramic view makes for a great spot for photography, few good benches along trail and bbq spot near parking lot. Not too busy on a weekday and very convenient to do.

Nice warmup for Elbert next weekend. Only two people on the trail.

Very enjoyable hike today. My nephew from Florida was with us he also enjoyed. Probably would've been nice two weeks ago with all the colors.

Really pretty trial and eagle view at the top was totally worth it. It was moderately strenuous. Love the town of Conifer too!

Trail was really well maintained, lots of parking, not too many people. Challenging in a fun way. Definitely go to Eagle's view; 180 degree views were stunning at top. Road is easy to navigate and it's easy to find.

Today was a great day to go hiking there. Beautiful hiking, tough to get up for short time then walked around til the view spot....now that was worth it. Beautiful view southwest part of the mountains. Will return back for sure! We hiked on Eagleview trail with mix of Oxen and Roast. A must hike would be Eagleview in order to see the beautiful view

Well-maintained trail with a steady, steep
ascent. Great mix of sun and shade; lots of wildflowers. Beautiful peak views from the top of Eagle's Nest trail. The picnic areas and bathrooms are very clean, and there is plenty of parking.

Great hike! Eagle View loop had gorgeous views. Took my three kids 7, 11, and 13 and they managed it pretty well! Definitely will do it again!

4 months ago

Moderate out-n-back day hike. Great views of the mountain ranges, wildlife and the North Fork of the South Platte River. Trail is easy to follow and multiple signs keep you confident you're on the right track.

Beautiful hike! Especially if you tie in Eagle View Loop! You come around the corner at the top and get a great view including Pikes Peak in the distance! We decided to make that our view while we took a small break to eat our snacks. Plenty of wildflowers and small animals to see, along with several stream crossings that can refresh your dog if you choose to bring them.

5 months ago

I did this hike beginning from Waterton Canyon. While the first 6 miles is a bit bland along the dirt access road, the canyon is beautiful. Towards the top of the road just before it breaks off through the woods, a large herd of sheep approached me and fed on the nearby grasses.

My favorite part of this hike is around the halfway point where I found myself immersed in a fern forest. It was a bit claustrophobic as it felt like the forest was swallowing me, but it is unlike anything I've witnessed in Colorado. It reminded me of the dense forests of Oregon.

It's one of my favorite local hikes. If you want some pretty views, head up Eagles View Trail. You'll see the views at .5 miles. Then you can continue around and descend down the loop back to the parking lot. It adds about another mile to the hole.