This was an awesome hike and great one to train for 14ers on. Almost entirely incline and roughly 2,000 ft of elevation gain. When you turn onto Titans road the trailhead is pretty much within the first 50yds on the left. NOTE, Mt Morrison is the one with the red and white antenna sticking up. Failure to notice this may result in being tricked my the handful of false summits. The final summit is definitely class 3 and requires some scrambling. I basically summited in 65 min from trailhead. At the last leg, i couldnt finish as I had my daughter on my back and didn't want to risk a fall.

It's beautiful to see the Red Rocks. It's a chill front-range hike.

This is a challenging trail that really has very few level areas. The power line part of the trail has loose rock that creates a challenge mostly on the way down. Minor bouldering at the summit with great views the whole way. It took me 2.3 hours which included stops for pictures and water. It is hard, but easy to follow. The app was great!

Hiked this last week. Trails started off more as walking then some rocky sections and switchbacks. Good hike, not too challenging but definitely got a workout. Unfortunately it was really foggy though, so didn't get much in the way of views.

Gorgeous loop with views of the red rocks. Trail gets hot with no shade.

Great hike, a little challenging due to steepness. fun little scramble at top.

Very easy with absolutely incredible views.

Trailhead was easy to find with this app.

Gorgeous and friendly for kids.

Some wild flowers on the way and a few creeks. I went early during sunrise and did not get too hot. My dog enjoyed the walk too.

Very enjoyable and easy hike that winds you through the red rock formations and open meadows. Starts and ends at the trading post store, so it's easily accessible for visitors and older/younger hikers.

Beautiful loop hike with stunning views ad the city and red rocks area. Pretty busy with other hikers and dogs and runners. All dogs were leashed -a good thing. Most hikers and runners were considerAte though there were a couple without trail etiquette. I'd say this hike borders the easy / moderate rating. If you aren't comfortable with rocky steep switchback- very much part of the loop portion - maybe consider a different hike.

Perfect trail!

I really enjoy this trail that starts in Matthews/Winters park. It's very exposed for most of the trail, but eventually you'll hit some shade. There are cool features along the way such as old headstones (from the 1800s) and red rock when you hit red rocks amphitheater. It's definitely a workout for bikers, hikers and runners. Bring some sunscreen!

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I am sooo spoiled! I live close enough to Red Rocks that I get to walk my dog there everyday. The trail is a decent workout. Beautiful scenery will keep you coming back. Also, on concert days you can meet some cool people.

No shade - quick fun trail.