Beautiful hike through the woods on White Ghost trail and around the mountain. I came down the mountain on Mt. Herman road which made the return trip a bit sketchy with cars going up. First half of the hike made it all worth it. My phone tracked 13.5 miles rather than the 8.9 that All Trails showed on the app.

first time in that area. Dog enjoyed running. beautiful.

Definitely farther than 9 miles. Fairly easy hike but you spend 3 miles walking on mt Herman rd which is fairly dangerous. I suggest (if there are 2 of you or more) parking one car at the lower parking lot and one car at the top lot (just before you go on the actual trail to skip this part and cut out the long, hot, uphill, dangerous gravel road walk.

off road driving
5 months ago

Moderate trail needing 4 wheel low range. Narrow in places and a little technical. Disappointed in the views.

2 years ago

Beautiful hike. Shooting is NO longer allowed in this area. Highly recommend!

We wanted to hike this loop today but it was impossible: Unfortunately they restricted access now and you have to be in uniform to get a permission to hike here.