This is one of my favorite hiked, but I start from either on bottom of FSR 379 at Old Stage Road, or drive up 379 to trail heads above Frosty's. You need a high clearance vehicle and 4WD though. You have a choice of either north summit (highest), or south summit or antenna farm. In any case, it's an amazing view to the backcountry! Check out the mine over in Cripple Creek area from the summits, and views to the Sangre de Cristos. I love this hike, so serene too!

Beautiful hike all the way through. Trailhead is to the left of the horse trail sign on Forest Service Rd. 371, but isn't very clearly marked otherwise. The first half is uphill most of the way to the turnaround point. This is my new favorite spot close to Colorado Springs.

First hike in CO, couple of flat-landers. Terrific scenery and a few obvious sites for back country camping. The last mile or so is on a dirt road, leading to the crags trailhead (parking lot and restrooms). From there, you can continue on to the crags, up raspberry Mt. After some uphill, moderately trafficked trail, there is a fork in the path to Devils playground/pikes peak.

Good Trail to be out away from the world.
Bring Bug Spray.

Hiked from the Putney trailhead to horsethief falls. Enjoyable hike. Will go back in the fall for the gold aspens. Only one on the trail

Hiked from gold camp road up 379 to frosty park then 379 to trail. Great views at the top-- pikes peak, reservoirs , mt rosa... Even saw the cog going up pikes peak .

I'd rate this on the easy side of moderate. Very easy trail to follow, with the exception of the trail to the top of the falls. The falls is totally frozen over right now, so it looks awesome. Dog friendly with a water crossing once early on and when you get to the falls.