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The Pike National Forest is located in the Front Range of Colorado, United States, west of Colorado Springs and including Pikes Peak. The forest encompasses 1,106,604 acres within Clear Creek, Teller, Park, Jefferson, Douglas and El Paso counties.

17 hours ago

amazing when you get to the top.

I have not been up the path for two years. I forget how nice it is hiking by the stream. could not go the whole way 12th bridge was down we did not want to get wet.

Challenging trail that can be scary and dangerous at some points if you are not careful. We saw many people and a lot of dogs in this trail even with the rocky areas. Don't let this hold you down to try it, this is a great trail with beautiful views and "ends" in a nice reservoir where you can see people fishing or simply chilling in a hammock.
Half the trail is up hill with awesome views at the beginning and great rock walls and creek views after that. Once a 1.5 mile or so up hill you will have a very nice more flat hike towards the reservoir. At the reservoir area you can chill and enjoy the day, go back the same way or go out to other trails. We went back the same way for almost 5 miles total.
We saw families with kids, couples with dogs, young and not so young and everyone looks enjoying the hike.
We will definitely do it again and most likely going out to other trails.

Nice trail.

Did this trail on 21 October; beautiful weather; no snow on trail, in fact didn't see much snow at all!
Especially liked the boulder field at the end toward the summit. All of us (17 yr old and 13 yr old) felt the altitude. Started at 1140, summit at about 3:15, rode the cog down. Highly recommended--

So beautiful. My fav hike in CO.

2 days ago


The trail has been marked by blue dots and arrows, you'll want to use them, trust me.

This trail lives up to its rating, it's certainly hard. For those incline lovers who are itching for a similar (terrible) experience this is the trail for you. It's steep, lots of lose gravel and rough on the knees coming down.

Give yourself plenty of time, for two in shape adults in our 20s, it took us just over 2 hours out and back. Some groups are we ran into said they had been working on the summit for that time alone.

Overall, 9/10 would hike again.

My two sons and I (10& 9yrs old) had a great time! its a good hike up and jogging down isn't too bad. The views were great and there were plenty of rocks to climb on! We highly recommend it for anyone!!

Did this 10/14-10/15/2016. 25 miles round trip. 12-15% grade. You can break it up with an overnight at Barr camp at 6.5 miles in. You can take the train down as well from summit. This is an amazing icon summit. The first 14 in the front range from the east. Pikes peak. An accomplishment anyone should remember. If you're not experienced or over 40 and in anything other than excellent shape do it in two days. I ran into men in their 30s taking the train down and saying,'it's the hardest thing I've ever done.' But realistically, it's doable and unforgettable.

Uphill all the way up to the reservoir but not too difficult and worth the climb. Family friendly but too bad it is not a loop.

2 days ago

From the Iowa Gulch TH it was exposed, rocky, and today was very windy with small snow drifts at the top. Terrific views with little mileage and vertical gain compared to other 14ers in CO.

Beautiful upper lake!

Beautiful creek hike with tons of aspens!!

3 days ago

Challenging when you are scared of heights, but great views, lovely creeks and waterfalls, and amazing fishing!

4 days ago

I took my 10 month old baby and wife on this hike. Carrying the baby in her carrier over the first half mile of trail was enough to get me breathing harder. We enjoyed the waterfalls draped with charming icicles. Our favorite view however, came from the meadow about 1/2 mile before the falls.

mountain biking
4 days ago

Had a great ride here today. Stunning scenery and fun, fast singletrack. Just watch out for the horse *^$#!

5 days ago

I hiked this at the end of Sept 2016. I'm not an avid hiker but I'm athletic and in good shape. It took me 9 hours for the ascent and I took the train down. I had perfect weather from start to finish and i took my time enjoying the scenery along the way. I started early at 4am, so be sure to bring a head mount light if starting before dawn like me. Its pitch black with out one and is a must have for predawn starts. As a first timer I wanted make sure I had plenty of time to get to the top and to summit before any possible afternoon storms rolled in. I dressed in layers and packed extra clothes for any unexpected weather changes. Had enough food for an overnight stay if needed along with fire starter kit and water filtration kit. I also used trekking poles which I found to be very beneficial. I took a hour break at the Barr camp and enjoyed spending time meeting other hikers and the camp residents. Everyone was super friendly and welcoming. Overall an incredible experience that was worth every minute of effort. The first two miles and the last two miles were the toughest. If you'relike me and not an avid hiker do your homework and read a lot on how to prepare before attempting. Having the right clothing, a good pair of hiking boots and proper equipment is essential. Be honest with your current physical condition and plan accordingly. I'm east coaster so the altitude definitely made it more challenging. PS. I'm 52 year old male avid cyclist. Go for it and enjoy !