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The Pike National Forest is located in the Front Range of Colorado, United States, west of Colorado Springs and including Pikes Peak. The forest encompasses 1,106,604 acres within Clear Creek, Teller, Park, Jefferson, Douglas and El Paso counties.

5 days ago

Great hike-- wouldn't quite rate it as hard though. I was the only one up there on Saturday. Probably the last day before you need snow shoes. Worth it!

I literally could've spent the entire afternoon up there, was so nice! a good starting hike to start getting yourself back in shape

We hiked up to mohawk lake today (11/26/16) and it was packed snow on the trail most of the way up, then got a bit deeper once we were closer to the lakes, but fine to hike with or without Yaktracks on the shoes. Stunning views!! Follow Spruce Creek trail all the way and you're all set!

It's a beautiful trail. It's quite enclosed with many trees. Perfect for tree/forest lovers. Had gorgeous sites/veiws. I think it was the perfect difficulty for all levels of hiking experience. It is kind of a "hidden gem"

Great hike with nice views at the top.

Good family day hike.

7 days ago

Great trail to get away and into more of the back country. This gives you access to Mts. Garfield and Arthur, and a slew of others. If you go towards the end of 667 you'll see some beautiful meadows. Leaves in fall are amazing too!

off road driving
9 days ago

on Eagles Peak Trail

10 days ago

We felt like this was more challenging than the incline! Coming down was hard since we were tired haha. Simply incredible view at top. No bears, only tracks and poo. Be careful

Great lung workout as someone getting used to the elevation, but with nicely placed rest areas usually with great views. The view from the tower is life changing for a flat lander.

Great local afternoon hike, but with the increased parking there is increased usage. I go early to avoid the buses and crowds. The farther back into the space you go, the more wooded and peaceful (not to mention shady) it gets. The initial few miles have the showy views.

Nice adjustable length and difficulty trail. When I went with my dog, we encountered other leashed dogs and good owners. The bike riders were also very aware and respectful.

Great hike! A bit steep but flattens out at the top. Went in Nov and there were some icey bits. Some great views and the resovoir is worth the effort.

11 days ago

We tried this for the first time to gauge where we are. We have a lot of work to do! Made it 1/4 of the way up before turning back. Had our 1 1/2 year old in a pack and our dog on leash. Lots of fun. Want to make it to camp next time. So inspired by all the other hikers who make this trek