Visit Palmer Trails for the first time and we like it. Great area to spend a nice day out hiking. The Trails are great to walk and some areas you can climb up within the trail system which give you a little challenge during the hike. The bad thing is the markers and signs throughout the Trails. Some markers were unreadable and some signs did not have the maps.
Other than that it is a great trail system and easy to park and find.

Short and easy, and lots of horse poops

Pretty views!! Would be hard to get confused where you're at, no markings along the trails and no "specific" place to park/start that I could find! Loved all the scenery though.

on Templeton Trail

1 month ago

Long but fun.

Listed as an advanced trail at the park. Great workout, lots of rocks and scrambling, definitely more of a hike than a walk with great views from the top of the rocks. I'd say it would be suitable for older kids, the littles might have a harder time, though, with sometimes uncertain footing on the gravel. Trail splits several times and reconnects with itself, also crosses several other trails so you've got to pay close attention if you want to stay on Templeton.
My pug made the loop, but was pretty wore out by the end. Husband and I enjoyed it.

It's like a mini mountain in the middle of the city.

Hiked with kids (7,9) with no difficulty. Fun hike.

Easy to find and follow. Took the kids and we all managed it, youngest is nearly 3. Dogs loved it too. Definitely better to do it anti clockwise and get the climb out of the way at the beginning.

Nice easy walk/hike in town. Good views of the town and not too busy, even on the weekend.

trail running
2 months ago

This trail was awesome. It is right by my house so very easy to get to from town. The trail is pretty rocky. Hiking is great not too sure if it would be good for mountain biking because of all the rocks but great scenery for being in the city. The only thing I didn't like was that the trials were not marked that great so be careful.

2 months ago

Excellent trail to hike with kids and dogs! You get a fabulous view in all directions of the city while still enjoying a hike through varying terrain. The rock formations accompanying the trail were unique and provided a good opportunity for my kids to adventure around. I also recommend going clockwise for ease of trail tracking. Despite being up in the rocks, there was still a fair amount of foliage to provide refreshing shade throughout the hike. As said already, it's a fabulous hike in our own backyard here in the Springs!

on Templeton Trail

2 months ago

I wish I would have read more reviews before setting out this morning. I started the trail counterclockwise and had much difficulty following the trail once I reached the Yucca section. I ended up back tracking twice. I eventually found my way back to the Edna Mae Bennett Trail and the North Canon Trailhead. Beautiful morning and still hiked 4ish miles. My dog and I will try this one again. Super loved the easy location!

It was a nice trail with some good views. Good place to walk the dogs.