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Loved it, but not a light day hike,...def take some snacks and some water. Our dog loved it too

So amazing!

Loved it.....wish it was a bit longer but enjoyed it nonetheless. It was snowy and a bit slippery but shoes with more traction would have helped; I'll be better prepared next time.

very nice views and a great way to spend the day

Loved the trail. Very less traffic on the new year. Covered with snow and sleet all along the trail. Spikes on shoes are highly recommended at this time.The fall is frozen completely and can walk over it as there is snow over the falls. But the icy section is very dangerous and extremely slippery. Can hear the water flowing underneath the frozen fall. Loved the trail overall. Overall roundtrip time was 6 hours as the path was slippery and we stopped at alot of places.

Super fun trail- single track, good elevation, not crowded, very nice view at the top. I liked it a lot!

Fantastic views. Great hike.

The trail even in the winter time was beautiful. A little traffic at first, but the 1.6 mile trek up the hill was peacful

29 days ago

beautiful views and a great hike