very tough. didn't make it all the way this time. the weather did us in. They aren't lying when they say you should start early. You'll want to be down before dark.

we hiked this this past weekend. the trail was "easy" as in no technical aspect to it, but a lot of it is past tree line which can make it difficult for some. the only icy areas we encountered were past tree line and along the two false summits.

the views make it ABSOLUTELY worth all the effort.

It's pretty long, which can make it difficult. But definitely a great hike if you want to get to Colorado's roof. If you drive up the night before, make sure to stop in the field just past Leadville to look at the stars

Wow. What a hike and views . Loved it

2 months ago

Like always, START EARLY. We started at 530 a.m. and were lucky to pass a few groups ahead of us to reach the summit first. Slippery with fresh snow after you get above tree line. Three false summits, cold & windy.

3 months ago

Hard but worth every step. Long, hot at the top if you don't leave early. Late September was perfect.

3 months ago

Start early, especially if you're traveling from Avon/Vail area; hit the trail head just after 6:00am and finished just after 10:30am, but I'm an aggressive hiker and consider myself in relatively good shape. On my descent, I passed nearly everyone, which made for a peaceful trek back. Views are definitely worth it! May be good to bring a hat and gloves as it gets a bit chilly towards the summit, especially in early morning.

I also brought my 1.5yr old German Shepherd who did great!

3 months ago

Amazing view from the summit!

Beautiful from the summit! The mountain wilderness to the west is magnificent! Go in the morning if you can!

Hiked on 7/31. Beautiful, challenging and long. I recommend starting early as it can be a very long trek. Also, we hiked through 2 hail and electrical storms on our way down. We had rain gear and I would recommend bringing a poncho or rain jacket. I agree with the previous posts about the false summits. It was important for me to get me head around those and keep moving upward. The final ascent to the summit is easy and the views are out of this world.

Mt. Elbert - Northeast Ridge Trail
Climbing up Colorado's 14er is super fun and the views are gorgeous. The false summits can be demoralizing if you're not prepared, so be sure to read up on the trail and what to expect. Start early!