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1 month ago

we could not find the trail to go up and people more trails to not do the loop

It's only a couple more steps after an adventurous drive but I don't care how people get there; it is just pretty on the top. I also love all the bighorns and mountain goats along the way.

A little snowy in early October, but beautiful none the less! Pretty busy after 10:00, parking was a little tricky, didn't see any bikes though. Overall a great hike, I will do it again!

A good first 14er!

Stunning fall hike -- exactly what I was hoping for! Went in late September and had phenomenal weather (clear skies, warm enough to wear a short sleeve tshirt at times, a fleece when it got chilly in the shade). We got there around 9am and it was decently crowded with cars and people, but the lower lot (coming from Denver) was completely open. By the time we left the hike, it was packed with traffic! My suggestion is to keep hiking until it completely opens up into panoramic views of everything. Breathtaking.

This trail is closed for anything except hunting and fishing from Labor Day to mid-November. Will try again at Thanksgiving or next summer.

I did this yesterday solo! This was my 1st 14'er.11.02 miles round trip starting at Summit Lake up Mt. Spaulding and around the ridge to the Mt. Evans Summit and down via the road back to the parking lot. The views of Summit Lake, Sawtooth Ridge and Abyss Lake are incredible and not to mention on a clear day like I had you can see at least 5 identifiable 14'ers from up there. I also saw Big Horn Sheep, Coyotes, Mountain Goats and Mule Deer all on this trail. This is a difficult, rocky, exposed and very steep climb, Yes, make no mistake you are climbing a 14'er on this trail. Take proper clothing and gear and always be prepared, it's better to have the gear and not need it than to need it and not have it. This is a serious climb! Upon returning to the parking lot at around sunset the Alpine Rescue Team was mustering and going to search for a missing woman on this mountain. Temperatures were dropping rapidly at sunset, 44° when I got to the bottom and dropping fast. I sure hope they found her! Weather can change rapidly at these elevations and getting in trouble can happen fast. Be prepared! All in all I had an amazing day! Just me and the mountain! Amazing! I cant wait to do it again!

We summited Mount Evans via the Sawtooth Ridge (extra hard). Obvious trail marked by many cairns. Lots of rock hopping and keep and eye out for big horn sheep! Beautiful emerald colored lake from the top. Fun hike!

Easy for a 14er. You start at summit lake which is pretty. You don't see the road until you reach the peak so don't worry that it will ruin it. The peak is slightly disappointing from all the shoebies who drove up. But it's still a great hike. Doesn't take very long either

Just spectacular. This was my first 14er and I couldn't be more thrilled. We took the loop around Spalding and up over Evans, coming down on the Mt Evans Summit Trail, which actually comes out of the summit parking lot. This connected us to the road quicker, for which our knees were grateful!! Plus, we avoided the huge boulders and essentially the staircase associated with the other summit trail. It was a daunting journey for me, but ultimately rewarding. Seriously, GO IN FALL!!!! The weather was a little scary (all was fine) but the views from the top of the aspen trees were incredible. First of many, I hope!

3 months ago

I would love to be able to actually rate this trail, but I was almost to the trail when a Ranger stopped me and let me know that it is not to be used for hiking... at least not until November. Tough luck!

Beautiful views.

Little windy today but otherwise a fantastic hike. No snow or ice.

off road driving
4 months ago


I feel like this is an easy trail, can be moderate if you go the full length of the trail. Quick access from Denver, beautiful vistas.

off road driving
4 months ago

This is a moderate trail with the random spots to push it if you feel like it. It's a fun trip to take and not that far outside of Denver. This does bring a fare amount of traffic so be prepared for that. Most 4x4s with at least stock lockers and even some without should have no big issues. The trail does change as people go up it so this can change but with some good spotting you should have fun. As in all off-roading it's a good idea to have a good backup of water and food plus a additional wheeling rig. Stock vehicles may come back with some memory marks but they make for great stories with friends. Have fun and wheel on!