mountain biking
3 months ago

beautiful ,worth it

mountain biking
3 months ago

4 months ago

Beautiful trail, waterfall and creek off to the side. Still had some wildflowers.

Beautiful. We stepped off onto the colorado trail for a bit and found a huge waterfall

Great day hike!

Favorite place to camp and backpack.Picture # 8,10 is where I camped . Wide open ,next to trees.Early morning pictures 11,12. When I woke up I looked out into the valley and Elk were running through the grass. Sunny every day,great hiking.1999,june

Starting at the Little Molas Lake Trailhead, this segment of the Colorado Trail can be anything from a 2-mile out-and-back to a 22-mile trek. The first 1.5-miles are a pleasant climb up to the ridgeline, and then the next several miles are a contouring traverse of the top of the Lime Creek watershed. A popular hike includes the first 4-5 miles, enough to reach the saddle between North Lime Creek and Bear Creek. This stretch will give you great views of the La Plata and southern San Juan Mtns - Grand Turk, Engineer, Twin Sisters, Twilight, Hesperus... And in the Summer, you are waist-deep in wildflowers for most of the trail !!

off road driving
3 years ago

Starts off the Silverton-Animas Forks Road. Goes up Maggie Gulch to near the continental divide. Mining ruins and mountain scenery.

mountain biking
4 years ago

This is an absolutely beautiful stretch of the Colorado Trail, right through the heart of the San Juans. There are endless options for bike rides and hikes here. About 10 miles into the trail, you reach a junction with the Engineer Mountain Trail. This will take you to Coal Bank Pass or Cascade Creek. Or stay on the Colorado Trail, and the next junction hits the Rico-Silverton Trail, which will take you down into South Mineral Creek and Silverton. There are no wilderness areas near here, so you can bike the Colorado Trail all the way from here to Durango!