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Just beautiful!

Starts with shaded uphill and end in level, but exposed, boulder field. Thicker soled shoes and hiking poles are helpful. Dogs allowed on leash. Super busy on weekends, better to save for weekdays.

6 days ago

We hit it at a spectacular time of year. The aspen leaves have turned such that some are bright yellow and others are different shades from yellow to green. Nice views all the way!

9 days ago

This is by far the most beautiful hike I have ever been on. It's pretty busy, so get there early to have more of the trail to yourself. It is rocky as others state, but my dog and I were totally fine. Oh - and the hike description here says no dogs, but there were dogs up there, and I asked at the ranger kiosk, and they said leashed dogs are fine.

technical but amazing! not for beginners or faint of heart

7/21/2016: Incredible. Bring plenty of water if you're hiking the pass.

7/19/2016: Maroon Lake, Crater Lake, Buckskin Pass, Willow Pass. Incredible scenery, tough elevations.

Highly over Labor Day weekend. Beautiful Aspen groves!

Great trail for kids. Super easy access from Snowmass Village.

❤️ ROCKY trail though but worth it for the view

28 days ago

Beautiful and difficult hike due to a very rocky trail. Wear thick soled hiking shoes or the path will bruise your feet. We saw a moose at the trailhead.

29 days ago

Great hike! Absolutely beautiful, wear your hiking shoes!

We hiked this July 11th, 2016. It's a moderate hike up until you have to cross the river. After that we were climbing 3 ft snow banks especially the last 1-1.5 miles. Definitely possible without snowshoes. We started at 9:30am & made it there at 2:30ish. There were about 10 other people when we made it up. Stayed the night at a campsite nearby. Totally worth the view. The next day it took us 4 hours to trek back down & I was SO happy to see the car. My advice: make this a weekend trip & enjoy the hot springs because this hike was strenuous!