14 days ago

We hiked this first try to challenged ourselves and gauge how much work we have left before we attempt to hike all of pikes peak. We have a lot of work to do!! So much fun and very beautiful. Parking is $20 and frustrating though.

Great trail ❤ challenging and beautiful peaceful view. definitely a regular visit to this one ❤

1 month ago

Great mountain hike for beginners to higher elevation. Views of Pikes peak and manitou springs from the top.

Nice trail, scarcely used. Great alternative to crowded nearby trails.

Done this trail three times. Very scenic. There's a detour you can take that takes you down to a river. Recommend you going down there. There's some nice rivers and giant boulders. Went there 3 weeks ago and the construction on the incline had the eagles nest blocked off. Which is unfortunate. But definitely still worth the climb.

Awesome View at the top!

2 months ago

3 months ago

Fun hike to see top of manitou springs