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Flat, mostly gravel trails that loops around several ponds. You can take various loops so you can make your walk as long or short as you like. I went 4 miles while there. The boardwalks are nice on some of the ponds. A couple trails were overgrown. Would probably take the dogs there in the spring or fall, otherwise wouldn't go back.

Great for walking and running.

Great place for outdoor group gatherings like family reunions or team building. I used to play capture the flag here as a kid! I've attempted to correct the map, as the other user noted, it isn't correct.

The location of this place is incorrect on the map here. It's actually north of Valmont right off of 75th street. It's a very easy hike, really I'd call it more of a nature walk. Little to no elevation change, but it's really great for birding. If you look up Walden Ponds on the Boulder County website they actually have a checklist of all the birds that you can see in this area. Great for kids and families.

Reviewers are confusing this with the East Boulder Trail. The White Rocks Trail however is extremely hilly for nearly 3 miles. Still, fairly pedestrian and good for a large running team as you can run side-by-side on much of it. Can be muddy in the early spring.

boring, flat, lots of open grass and no shade. pretty boring compared to other nearby trails.