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The views of the reservoir are wonderful. pretty open trail and as long as you're keeping a steady pace, it's not that exhausting.

This is a generally quiet trail, mostly used by mountain bikers. It's easy to access and has great views of Horsetooth Reservoir.

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Lory State Park is lovely, the reason I'm giving this particular trail 3 stars is because the first two miles are very exposed in fields of desert-like grasses. If you do this on a hot day be prepared... Once you get into the trees this is a great little trail. I looped it with kimmons and Howard on the way back and it took me a little over 3 hours (taking my time).

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Very rocky. Was hard to find a waterfall.

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Date: 23 April 2016
Price: $7.00 Park Day Pass
Traffic: Moderate to Heavy, Hikers and Bikers
Conditions: Started clear and sunny with dry trail, ended with overcast and scattered sprinkles.

It is what I would refer to as a nice leisurely stroll. The scenery is beautiful and there are scattered spots to relax and soak in the gorgeous Colorado scenery.

It is busy with bikers and other hikers. That is expected, however the trail at most points can only accommodate I person wide.

Overall, go out, have fun, and enjoy the scenery.

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This is a fun trail, lots of changing scenery along the way. You start of with a steady, winding climb for about the first half hour. You will level out before a downward accent to a small bride about 2.5 miles in. You then hit the most challenging part of the hike, a series of about 12 switchbacks gaining elevation on each. After this it's a short hike to the road that takes you to Arthur's Rock. Great views of the reservoir along the first part of the trail. Occasional bikers to deal with, but not bad.