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10 days ago

Went up during the changing of the seasons. Very busy! Beautiful going to the pass. Gets a little bumpy on the way to mirror lake. Lots of atv activity. Well worth it!

Amazing views, great fall color! Didn't hike the whole thing, just wanted an afternoon hike so I went up to the first ridge--where you pop up over the valley you've been hiking in until then.

You don't have to take the loop of you just want to go see the lake. It's less than a mile there and back to the lake. Really nice secluded lake, good for fishing and other water sports. Steep short climb.

Amazing panoramic views for a somewhat easy hike. A lot of beauty here!

Very easy beautiful trial. The falls are only about a half mile in. The trail to Copper Lake is 4 miles but very easy so the 8 mile round trip didn't feel like 8 miles.

About half way through this hike, I was thinking about writing a mediocre review. We pressed on and are oh so glad we did. The views at the top are stunning. Would be fabulous in the summer with the wild flowers in bloom. However, the fall colors, brisk air and no traffic on the trail made this hike fantastic.

22 days ago

Nice hike but pretty rough with lots of rocks and cows and cow pies were everywhere.

on Judd Falls Trail

1 month ago

Easy trail.. Beautiful lake

1 month ago

Beaver Pond trail. Beautiful Aspen trees ... Easy hike to Pond .. Amazing

1 month ago

Great hiking.. Easy to moderate. Fun to mountain bike too

Great views, easy trail to mtb on.

It's a long drive and u really need a good 4 wheel drive vehicle! We turned back after about an hour of driving....


Listed as easy but it is up all the way

on Lower Loop Trail

1 month ago

Beautiful views!! Mountains and creek!! Easy hike!

OK but I would probably suggest something else in the area.

1 month ago

There are two parking lots, one at the bottom near the road and another that would definitely require a sturdy 4x4 to reach about 1/2 mile up. This is where the trailheads are for 401 on one side and Judd Falls/Copper Lake on the other. There was light traffic yesterday afternoon on the trail. We saw a fox in the woods but thankfully he went away easily (I have big dogs). Plenty of gorgeous views along the way! Will be back next year for the wildflowers. The parking lots are small so prob only hold 20 cars max. So come early on busy days!! Took me a leisurely 1.5h to do the hike, with a lot of stopping to take pics.

1 month ago

Gorgeous. If you park right on the main road, you'll walk about half-a-mile to another parking lot. You can drive too (obviously) but the road is fairly rough. The walk to that point is mostly uphill but not too difficult. After that it's another half mile to the falls. That part is a mixture of up and downhill; fairly easy. The falls are pretty but the surrounding vistas are the true beauty of the hike.