great trail a little snowy but nothing too challenging!

Awesome trail. Take time to soak in the views which are gorgeous.

Nice trail. The route I chose took me through the Braille trail then connecting via Chavez and Beaver Brook. Parts of the trail were narrow and a little challenging. Biggest challenge was the other people, some of whom had dogs off leash. Nice creek crossings My route was about 6 miles.

Beautiful trail, but there are some unmarked trails off the loop that dead end. All in all very beautiful, just make sure to stay on the appropriate path.

the hike was a good workout, I completed the loop in 2 hours. The views are the not the best but I still liked the trail, lots of cool geological features at the bottom. you do follow the creek for awhile which I like. you cross the stream in many instances. parts of the trail were alittle confusing going over rocks but not too bad overall.

there is also a bison outlook at the trail head but I didn't see any when I was there.

Great hike, just challenging enough. The dogs loved playing the the creeks.

This was a beautiful hike, lots of places to stop next to the creek and enjoy the nature. We made a bad turn and headed up windy Creek which is not clearly marked, thankful for the gentleman who steered us in the right direction! My husband carried our almost one year old and I'd say this is correctly marked as moderate 5.5 miles

1 month ago

I literally don't understand why people like this. This was the worst hike I've ever been on.

First off -- the trail head is under construction, so perhaps I would like it more after that's completed.

However, this hike lacked all the things I like about Colorado hiking. It looks like I was in a forest behind my parent's house in Virginia. You can't tell that you're next to mountains, which is all the crazier when you think about how you're hiking in Evergreen.

Your hike begins by going down and only later, when you come back, do you ascend elevation.

The way the trail works, it's really easy to roll your ankle. I believe my boyfriend called it a "double switchback" or something, but my ankles hurt for a few days even though I didn't trip.

In short -- no good views, not good ambience, not good parking, not worthwhile.

1 month ago

Great trail.

The trailhead road is actually under construction but it is well marked as to where to start from. Makes the trail ~5 miles to walk.

Good trail for Dogs as well there are some steep points but well worth the effort.

After the hike there is a little hole in the wall about 3 min away called the The Hideaway Kitchen & Bar which was pricey but excellent food, location, and serving sizes. Check it out in TripAdvisor.

Great day hike. It is about 5.5 miles at the moment because the trail head is under construction. The creek has a few swimming holes and you can wild raspberry bushes! Follow B/B trail markings

Great day hike! There was a beautiful *enchanted* feeling with the sun poking through the clouds, leaves turning and the water twisting through the trail. Hiking boots recommended as there is some tight spots and river crossings. Took us about and two hours including some stops to enjoy the river.

The loop trail was awesome. Its a great day hike with lots of great views. It was great changing terrain and had some fun river crossings. Fall color changes were great. Will be going back for sure during different times of year.

This hike makes for a great loop hike. We could hear the sound of water and were near the stream a lot of the hike. To add a little distance, we continued a ways on the Beaver Brook Trail toward Golden before doubling back and finishing the loop. There's definitely steep and rocky terrain to challenge you on this beautiful hike. The trail crisscrosses the stream in several places and using the rocks and logs seemed adventurous.