Loved this trail! Gorgeous, felt like I was out in the wilderness. Pretty easy, just a few spots where I had to figure out how to cross the stream without getting wet!

This is one of my favorite trails - would definitely do this again! It starts off very easy then becomes a bit of a nature obstacle course - kind of like jumping over logs, skipping over rocks in the middle of a stream, climbing over some boulders. It wasn't super difficult but it was a very fun trail to hike. Pretty natural surroundings. Not super crowded.

Awesome trail overall. I'll start with the good. It would be nice to have markers with how ma y miles you've gone or are left though. The waterfall definitely was hyped up way more than it was,still a nice trail. Several different trail heads so know where you are starting. Can get confusing. Good scenery and good for dogs. This is def longer than 3.9 mile trail. We mapped at least over 5.6 miles.

Fun trail. Definitely, will work you out! Not many views as others said. Most of the views are as you are driving in the place. 3.9 miles is not accurate. This is a 4.9 mile trail. Will take you 2-3 hours pending how quick you walk. Took me 2.5 hours, 5 miles, with another friend, and a dog walking at a rough 3mph pace.

Fun spot with a lot of different paths to choose from. VERY icy in winter. Would love to come back in the summer.

Still icy on this 70 degree weather. Grabbed a sturdy stick to help keep from slipping. Icy areas near the river, but I only had on my Merrell hiking g shoes, and was fine. 2.5 hours to complete this 5 mile trail from Beaver Brook to Cesar and loops back to Beaver, after passing Brielle trail.

Nice easy outing near Genessee Park when the park is closed. Beware the trodden path! The snow has melted and re-frozen so it's pretty slick in some spots. Great view at the summit.

Beware of mountain lions! We saw fresh, big tracks today. I love this trail though. It has a lot to offer.

Close to Denver. Very challenging this time of yr. If you're going to hike the trail, I'd definitely use crampons. The new Chavez/beaver brook loop is 5.5-6 miles.

Close to Denver, I enjoy going to this trail when I need something close. It has a nice mix of elevation gain and loss as well as creek for more than half of the loop. Its especially great during summer time, because you can hike or run and work up a nice sweat then dip in May of the pools along the trail.