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Short and easy (no fun)

Easy hiking/walking. Insanely beautiful views. One of my favorite places.

Great hike. Easy. Very little up and down. Well maintained. The views were really pretty. Hubby and I picnicked under the Siamese Twins. Fun day hike.

Easy and nice trails. Some horse poops. And I saw an elk!

Great hike. First part is paved and easy and the second half is dirt and moderately challenging.

Beautiful easy park. Start in the north parking lot and across the road away from everyone else. This takes you on a good hike with elevated views of the rock formations. On the way back you can walk through the garden and get up close.

Not too busy, even on a beautiful fall Saturday. Sure, it's touristy, but if you live here and have a spare hour or too, don't forget to check out your beautiful back yard!

To access the trail, park on Canon Street legally and walk up the road. There is no parking at the "trailhead" or under the overpass. If you pass a unique looking stone house on the right, you have driven too far to park. The entrance to the trail is the Cave of the Winds exit. You have to hike up the canyon a little while before you reach the dirt path, which is in the left. Eventually the path crosses the stream and continues on the right. Follow the trail all the way up. It dead ends at the top of a waterfall and offers a nice view of the canyon. The only downsides of this hike are the pieces of metal trash along the way and the building that is going on above the canyon. This is a quiet place to hike and you will be far away from the mob of people in the popular trails.

Great hike, but three weeks later my legs are still itching from something... Look out for poison ivy, oak, sumac, who knows. It's been bad. Anyway, the canyon is the best part. The hike up the hill at the end doesn't give much of a view but it's still worth doing for a change of terrain and to escape the canyon for a minute.

Very busy but worth seeing.

very easy. so beautiful and worth the time

Amazing rock formations!! A bit crowded for my taste, but lovely to see nonetheless!

super easy and super beautiful!

Awesome hike. DO NOT go if there is rain in the forecast. It is the poster child for flash flood and search and rescue