2 days ago

The trail was quite a climb but a great view.I look to seeing water fall in the spring.Good workout..Very nice hike.

This trail is fun but nothing too great. Would do again

Nice views, lots of bikers on a Wednesday morning

beautiful veiws, but was pretty hot as the sun rose. the juniper trail stage cool and level, lots of bikes and little room to move out of the way, especially with my dog I came with. lots of birds and little noise.

A good trail for colder weather and snowshoeing, the first section is all uphill and exposed so it's pretty uncomfortable in hot weather.

7 months ago

decent trail, but too long of a hike for any good view. the waterfall wasn't too special either. the best part was seeing the white peaks on the "juniper loop" part of the trail

nice, relatively easy, beautiful hike. the entire beginning is directly in the sun so make sure to bring sun screen. didn't see a waterfall :(

First hike of many this summer. loved being out with the kids.

Fairly easy hike, with and 800ft change; we hiked 5.5 miles with some nice views of the foothills.

Decent trail close to Denver. There was construction on the road you could hear most of the way up, but there were some nice views to be had from the northwest section of the loop. Very little snow/mud on the trail. Went late morning and saw only one other person. The beginning section is all uphill, but no great shakes.

10 months ago

Great trail to check out in the winter. I brought snowshoes but didn't need them for the amount of snow that was on the ground. Looks like a great place for mountain biking as well. The hike up to the loop is a gradual uphill and you can hear the highway below during most of it. But once you get over the ridge it is nice and quiet with some pretty views. Not bad for a short drive from Denver!

I have driven past this trailhead many times, and finally decided to see where it led. I started up at 2:00 and was back to the car around 4:30. The pooch got pretty tired on the first part of the trail, but after we got out of the sun and into some better tree cover after the Juniper split, he cooled down. There were still a few patches of snow on the backside right before the Travois trail split. There is a waterfall (presumably Mayhem Gulch) that can be seen in the distance on the lower beginning part of the trail. It looks like it would be neat to get up close to it, but I didn't see any access. Possibly you could hike up the streambed from behind the rest area, but that trail was not marked, and I'm guessing not.

Great views and rather easy trail.

1 year ago

Remember 2 things: BIKING ON EVEN days (2, 4, 6, etc. and HIKING ON ODD days 1, 3, 5 etc.).
The other is that Mayhem Trail has very little shade.