3 days ago

I took my family on this. 4 little kids (age range 2-6) and a husband. We really had the best time just poking around and meandering through the trees. It was a simple, easy walk. We didn't do the whole thing because it got chilly and we were underdressed.

8 days ago

Gorgeous trail. Please make time to go to the very last lake at the very top. While the entire trail is scenic and impressive, the very end is the absolute best, most awe inspiring view. It is worth it. And yes, that last steep long incline is worth it too. It is a long day hike. More than 8.7 for sure. Was recording, but phone died - I would say closer to 11.

Somewhat difficult - got by wearing day hike runners. Decent balance of uphill/downhill.

23 days ago

Outstanding, made it to both Chicago lakes. Parked at echo lake parking lot. 11.99 miles total hike. Was farther than I expected. 5 1/2 hours.... more then excellent views...

Awesome hike. Definitely a long one if you make it all the way to upper Chicago lake. Bring a lunch and eat it next to the waterfall. Dogs are allowed, trail was moderately busy. Expect steeper switchbacks and a little climb to the upper lake. Worth it though!

We enjoyed it a lot, some parts where tricky with the wheelchair. but we enjoyed the drive up and the walk around the lake.

This is a very scenic and also strenuous hike. The first portion is downhill (uphill on the way back) and the portion to and past the second lake are pretty steep. I did not pass many people on the trail and the scenery was absolutely gorgeous. I would recommend this for anyone looking for a difficult but rewarding hike.

Great hike. A little long, but the lakes are beautiful. There are a few lakes too so that helps.

1 month ago

This was such a beautiful hike to welcome fall back to Colorado. The foliage was just getting started turning bright yellow and the weather could not have been more perfect. We started at about 7:30 AM and took our time. We made it to the top lake at about 10 and hung out for about an hour and took in the scenery. At the top of the second lake there is a bluff that looks over the lake below, and it is the perfect lunch spot. Hiking doesn't get much better than this!

You want to dress in layers. The temperature can change by 20 degrees depending on altitude and time of day.

1 month ago

Good walk with small children. Pretty drive and scenery.

1 month ago

Beautiful scenery and was lightly trafficked on an early Tuesday morning.
Be prepared for a 4-5.5 hour day, depending on physical condition and whether you decide to add in the 2nd lake. The leg from the lower lake to the upper lake requires some climbing of rocks, however, it's not difficult just a little time consuming.
Wear good shoes (not sandals) as there are some spots that require traversing through mud.
Also be prepared to take plenty of snacks and water along the way. We left before 8 in the morning so some spots were quite chilly, even in late August.
We did not see much wildlife besides a few marmots, but I suppose Big Horn Sheep would flourish in the area.

I loved this hike with the exception of the road portion, which was pretty rocky and unattractive. Once you enter the backcountry portion of the trail, the views are stunning. I didn't get to the upper lake because a storm rolled in but I plan to come back as soon as possible. I started this hike completely unprepared (no food, not enough water, poor clothing choices) because I was planning to do a much shorter hike. I still enjoyed it and that's saying something! I wore chacos and would not recommend it--the trail gets pretty muddy in places and when the temperature dropped due to an incoming storm, my feet got very cold. Trekking poles would benefit anyone on this trail. It was definitely strenuous.