Great place for a quick hike in the winter

loved it! the kids had fun stopping and playing by the creek. beautiful area.

picture above is of a different creek in Boulder. I live really near this trail, so I walk it fairly often - there are a couple of pretty parts, and the creek access is nice in summer, but a lot of the path runs next to a fairly loud road, which isn't great. they recently fixed the bridge, so you don't have to walk along the shoulder anymore. not the best trail in/around Boulder, but that's a really high bar! I like South Boulder Creek for a longer afternoon walk in the spring/summer/early fall.

Open trail with great vistas of the Front Range. Lot of sun so wear sun block.
Beware of rattlers in the area.
Parking costs $5 for those who don't have Boulder permit.

4 months ago

Not a bad trail. I went to the trail on a September afternoon. I accidentally wandered off on to the South Boulder Creek Trail for a few miles before realizing I didn't take the turn to the west for the Bobolink Trail. Ended up doing about 7 miles by the time I returned. It was a pleasant walk. Semi-near 36, so you get some car noise, but nice enough without having to go too far out of town. LOTS of dogs when I went and portions of the trail are leash-free areas where the dogs will roam free.

nice walk lots of water

Nice flat trail. Lots of great stops along the way to dip your feet in or sit by a clear, crisp stream. Eye fulls of beautiful wild flowers, the sweet smell of leaves, and singing birds and insects the entire way. Great place.

Nice and flat with plenty of creek access for the dogs. Enjoyable little stroll very much on the low key side.

6 months ago

This was a nice relaxing hike. With wonderful view of the flatiron mountains. The water was nice and cold. Which the dogs had a field day splashing around. This is my favorite trail.

fun for kids

6 months ago

beautiful, clean.

my girlfriend and i hiked here today. it was a great easy trail with lots of places to dip your feet into the water. we loved it

Really great leisurely walk type of trail with paved and dirt routes along a creek. Nice views along the way. Busy but not too busy. Definitely recommend for a quick, easily accessible walk close to town.

it's flat, with many
places to dip your toes in-
to South Boulder Creek.

Beautiful relaxing hike along the creek. you can follow the paved or dirt trail. I went on a Saturday morning and it was moderately busy but I had plenty of time to myself. good hike for all fitness levels or when you just want to meander.