Did this hike on a Friday- the trail was surprisingly busy, but considering how close to town it is, I guess that makes sense.
The Backbone is a neat geological formation, and in October the layers of autumn colors are very pretty.
We were fortunate that it was overcast for our whole hike- not a lick of shade on the entire trail, so if you hike it in the summer be prepared for the heat.
Overall it was a pleasant hike and a great option for those wanting a nice hike without having to drive far out of town.

We love this easy trail. Great for quick bike ride too !

There are a number of continuous trails to Devil's Backbone. To the south of the starting area is Morrison Loop which is wheelchair accessible and about .8 miles. Starting to the north is Keyhole or Wild Loop which is the popular hike of about 2.6 miles. From there it is up to you on length. Starting at Wild Loop and going to the end is around 11 miles. Taking the longer loop portions back make it about 24 miles. Plan on encountering bikes.

The keyhole was amazing!

Nice leisurely hike in Loveland. There is no shade on the trail so I would advise bringing water if it's warm outside. The keyhole offers great views even with a neighborhood to the west.

Nice trail especially in the spring for the wildflowers. Get up close and personal to the geological formation called a hogback. Close to town. But watch out for rattlesnakes!

1 month ago

Pretty landscape. Easy trail. Some wildlife

The trail is nice but not for hot sunny day. No tree no shades just hot like in the hell

Nice in the morning when it's overcast. In before 7, out by 9am. Rattlesnakes on the trail!

Gorgeous hike. Go to the second loop for a more challenging but more rewarding hike. Gorgeous views the whole way through.

Wonderful trail! Bring light snacks and water

Great trail, very easy to hime. Took us maybe 1-1.5 hours with stops to take photos. Little to no shade so bring lots of water and sunscreen!