good hike. simple and pretty

great trail! nice easy ride, 4 miles go's to quick, so i rode it 2 more times.

This is not a hiking trail. It is a city park trail you can find in any neighborhood. If you're looking for a true Colorado hike skip this trail.

Easy run/walk with the fam yesterday! Great for young kids! We were able to chat with fellow dog walkers as well! There are bikers on this trail but everyone communicated well and were very respectful!

easy hike. not too long. in the trees a lot. 2.6mi loop(:

3 months ago

I really enjoyed this trail. The only disappointment was that I was expecting to do 7 miles. The loop is about 4 miles.

The bathroom has a baby changing table in it. So, 4 stars at the minimum.

Start to finish from the trail head at CR73 & Shadow Mountain Dr this trail is actually just over 4 miles, it is a nice easy trail.

3 months ago

Fun and easy loop hike that took us less than two hours to complete. Good mixture of shade and sun.

It was nice and beautiful. Pretty easy and shaded. My border collie loved it! Great for trail running for those who live nearby.

This is a pretty and relaxing hike. The trail is wide and easy so you can look around. Would recommend for families with small kids or people who want a beautiful hike without a lot of elevation gain.

Great trail for kiddos. Shaded. Just a nice hike.

5 months ago

Easy and practically rock free. Great beginner mtb trail or easy hike with the dog.

First hike after foot surgery. Thought I'd do half a mile and ended up at all 2.8 miles of it! It was so pretty ahead I just kept moving on. Don't like bike trails so I wish it was hikers only. But, at least the few bikers I came across were respectful. This is now one of my go to spots!!

Took the 4 mile route on May 29. Nice trail that is kind to the knees (no steep uphill/downhill) and close to Conifer. Aspens are just starting to get their leaves and a few of the early wildflowers are popping up.