Completed this trail with my dog. We were both wore out after making it back to our vehicle. It was long, but only a few spots that were pretty steep. It has some nice areas that were flat for some recovery. We started late in the day and the heat really took it out of me. I recommend starting early and keeping lots of water on hand. Some shade, but not enough.

mountain biking
1 year ago

Tough. No joke, this trail will make you want to quit and turn around a handful of times. The payoff at the top is worth it. Oh, and flying down on your bike is extremely fun!

2 years ago

Fish Creek Trail was an enjoyable trail, with nice views of the mountains in the beginning and a lot of tree cover the rest of the way. Many downed trees, so don't go here in heavy winds and be mindful of that. Other than that, the creek areas were nice to hang out by but the lack of view at the end left me with a feeling of incomplete.

I solo hiked from Jacks Gulch campground to Beaver Park just past the Flowers trail intersect, camped and returned the next day. A nice secluded trail along the creek. Encountered a small group of cattle on trail both days. LOTS of cow pies and horse apples on trail. A few nice views along the way, plenty of shade and thick green near the creek with small groups of aspens and prairie scattered in. Rock formations towards the end to explore.

Nice trail especially if you are looking to de-stress from a rough week at work. There is a constant sound of the running creek as you are hiking this trail. It's so relaxing!! There is a lot of nature we did see a deer, many types of wildflowers, mushrooms and a squirrel. The trail is a moderate trail with a few rocks and slight climbs. This trail is used by horses frequently so watch where you step. The road to the trail is quite bumpy and needs maintained.