wild flowers

Nice views of Boulder and Denver. Went on Saturday at noon, a lot of other hikers as expected. Options for other routes from the trailhead.

Great trail. With great views. Def a must if in boulder

Heads up - tried to hike on Wednesday October 19 and there was a sign for closures on Wednesdays and Thursdays due to trail overuse.

7 days ago

It's a beautiful trail, but a bit crowded over the weekend, as I've come to expect of most Boulder trails.

Great day hike! The views are beautiful throughout!

14 days ago

Great trail definitely challenging but worth the view. Everyone on the trail was friendly and helpful.

15 days ago

Very rocky. Dogs everywhere. Most without leashes. Can be dangerous because people let their dogs wander away and they can be a trip hazard. Need more leash law signs.

17 days ago

It was beautiful. The review says this trail is hard, but actually it's not, at all. Easy and quick.

18 days ago

I love this hike, moderately difficult to start with a nice little break before it gets hard, another little break, hard again, then you're there!

the only downside is it's extremely popular, you can get stuck behind large groups up and down and dozens of people are usually at the arch...

19 days ago

They are doing some minor work on this trail but make it really easy for you to find the detour. Better than any stair master, this trail is amazing and hard.