Very short. It's ok.

23 days ago

This was beautiful! The trees are starting to turn colors and we saw a black bear! Very cool hime and great for a family!

Amazing hike, go to red rocks spur trail!

very easy and non crowded hike. not a fan of the city views but the backside has good views.

Simple family/dog friendly trail. Went on Labor Day weekend though so parking was more difficult. Fun little trip though.

on Red Rocks Trail

1 month ago

Great short hike close to Boulder. Would definitely do this trail again if I'm short on time. Not very busy at all on a Thursday afternoon, which is a nice change for Boulder. The rock formations were beautiful and fun to climb.

not much traffic late August.

road biking
2 months ago

Rode the trail from Glenwood Springs to Aspen and back. Right now there is a detour due to mountain lion activity that starts past Carbondale and puts you back on the trail in Basalt. Detour takes you out on the roads, but is well marked. When you come into Aspen the last few miles are gravel. There is always a strong headwind when coming back from Aspen to Glenwood.

road biking
3 months ago

Lovely trail, and really not too much traffic on a Fri mid day. Very mild grades. Everyone from my 4 year old on his little one speed to my wife on her racing bike enjoyed it. Some shade, but not a lot. We went from Glenwood springs to Carbondale.

4 months ago

Awesome hike and once you make it to the top you get to see the city of Boulder

4 months ago

very short drive from Boulder, the rocks are fun to climb, with a great view of the Flatirons and the city

mountain biking
4 months ago

We did 22mi of Rio Grande Trail. The day was beautiful. It rained on us towards the end of our ride but it was good as wee needed the cool-down.

trail running
4 months ago

This trail is great for running and biking! Train on this trail during the week. It's long and well maintained.

This is a cool area but don't try to follow this route, part of it is closed and very difficult to walk on due to the loose gravel.

5 months ago

Scenic hike but nothing special. It's local and easy. Decent place to walk your dog, but remember to pick up whatever they may leave behind-- I nearly stepped in a fresh pile of nastiness.

6 months ago

Easy hike close to town. Empty trail but still very pleasant with lots of snow on the ground. Nice views.

Awesome view of the front range if you take anemone trail. Took my family of 5, had a great adventure! (3 kids aged 8 to 11)

7 months ago

Has 5-star quality, but too busy...