26 days ago

fun short hike.

easy hike with great views. submitting the top is a little tricky

Short but nice views

6 months ago

It was a great hike for the family. Easy to hike there is signs all the way up and back down.

While geocaching off Plum Creek with the family we stopped for an impromptu hike at the well-known Castle Rock. We came in the W side, off Sunset Dr. and started N with a quick but steep walk up Paul Hill Trail. We stopped, explored, took pictures, and climbed Castle Rock while absorbing the panoramic views of the heavily populated Castle Rock town and beyond. We headed down W then S by way of John Emerson Summit Trail. Although sometimes narrow, steep and moderately trafficked by 10:30 a.m., it was quick descent. Our 14 and 8 year olds son's and 9 year old dog whipped through this trail with adventurous spirit and an appropriate amount of concern. They keep the trails well groomed and pretty secure but beware straying too far off the beaten path for the sandstone is always questionable. There was a bit of traffic but everyone respected hiking etiquette so the passing was quick and pleasant. Great warm-up or quick family hike. If you're passing through and have a few hours to spare, be sure to stop!

7 months ago

The hike isn't very difficult by any means but the view is what earns it 4 stars.

It was a wonderful spur of the moment hike with my friend Laura. I would recommend it. We were trying to get to the top, but quite didn't make it. Next time we will make it!

Fun hike for all ages!

11 months ago

Hiked this in the middle of November where the trail was partially covered in ice and snow. Very easy and some great views at the top!

Great hike in Castle Rock, completed several times. Pretty quick and easy to get to the top. Then my mother and I climbed the actual rock to the top on the east side, it was not difficult. Many people do this. Gets busy on the weekends. Great for kids.

Hiked the entire length of the trail system. Plenty of ice on the eastern and lower western sides of the park. Trails were in good shape otherwise. Hike is easy enough for kids and adults alike.

Not too exciting but still a nice hike. Very easy for my 4 and 2 year old. To get to the very top is slightly difficult, you have to do some rock climbing. My childrens legs weren't long enough to make the strides between rock.