Unfortunately, due to the fire, a bunch of it is burned out. But things are starting to grow back. It will be much prettier again in the next couple years. Maybe come when it snows.

First time saw a woodpecker and caught my second Pikachu, that's about it.

Nice area for easy hiking that's away from other more crowded trails. Some fun geocaches in there too.

Chelsea loves this park! It is very family friendly.

Sad to see so many burnt trees, but it still has a unique beauty. Hopefully it rejuvenates.

3 months ago

Good trail. Sad to see the burnt forest, but don't let that discourage you.

3 months ago

Relaxing walk

Map above is Black Forest Regional Park on Milam and Shoup roads in Black Forest. The map below, by Tim Board, is Section 16, the trailhead is located on Burgess Road in Black Forest. Both are great trails!

Great place to walk with the dogs, just a short drive from home. Not heavily trafficked, but does pass through a playground so lots of kids running around at times. The fire damage in my opinion makes it an interesting and almost "creepy" atmosphere. It is growing back nicely now though!

GREAT place during heavy snow because trail is empty & you can cross-country ski.

One of our go-to places with the pups.

came here cuz it looked like rain didn't want to go to far. did a couple loops but didn't track it . nice little park. I guess some people fail to see any beauty and power in mother nature's devastation but I do. It's coming back nicely

Easy family walking.

trail running
1 year ago

Worst Trail Run Ever! Do not go here. I downloaded the GPX file from here and loaded it onto my Garmin Fenix 3. It was nearly impossible to find the trail using the pocket earth app and my watch. I had to back track several times just take a look at the GPX file I uploaded. The fire damage has resulted in large erosion from the subsequent heavy rains, making the trails extremely damaged. Also, the trails haven't been used very much so there's little plants and weeds growing in the middle of the trails that haven't been washed out, making it even harder to find the trails. I don't know what drug the other reviewers were on to make them see flowers because I didn't see one single flower. There is no tree cover once you get 200 yards from the parking lot because of the fire damage. It looks like a barren wasteland. Don't waste your time. I would give it zero stars if I could.

Great half day hike, easy to moderate terrain, beautiful wildflowers throughout the hike. Completed 3.6 miles within an hour and a half (time includes breaks).

mountain biking
1 year ago

Rode here a couple years ago before the fires. Good for novices and families. If you like technical riding or aggressive downhills, singletrack, and such skip this one.

Fun local walk for N. Colorado Springs residents. Lots of inerconnecting trails so if you want to do a particular route, make sure you bring a map or use the app. Much of the route goes through areas burned in the Black Forest fire in June 2013 so lots of erosion and open to sun. Gets a little warm so I recommend fall, spring, or early on a summer day. Little elevation change (+200 ft) but also few great views. Lots of wildflowers.