Downhill in the slush was a challenge, but uphill with Florida lungs was out of the question.

Not difficult at all, rather relaxing. But other than that there are some great views of Golden as you go.

We did the gulch trail. Not much parking at the base.

Lots of fun, saw some deer and a great view!! You can start the path lower or upper on the mountain using your car.

3 months ago

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5 months ago

Great for the family and especially kids. My 5 year old loves walking the tree lined trails. Some awesome views as well.

Great place to bring the kids. Easily accessible and there are great views in every direction. My only issue is the TRASH! Why do people have to litter when there are recycle/trash cans everywhere at the parking lot? I've been here a handful of times and I see broken glass bottles everywhere...stop being scumbags!

6 months ago