Great trail for running and biking. I wish I had worn my trail runners for this one instead of my hiking boots. Great trail to get some easy miles in. I liked that it meanders along the creek, has lost of shaded areas and pit stops. I enjoyed these miles immensely; it was a really long easy walk on a beautiful Fall morning.


3 months ago

Great walk along the river, View of the castle. A lot of mountain bikers

This really isn't a trail for hiking. It's perfect for a long, calm walk around Morrison and you get to see downtown.

We started at little bear parking lot which is the first parking lot down the hill off the road there is no signs. Hiked down along the creek past the Bears lair parking lot down past the castle and then the hike got real fun straight up once on top the views were pretty amazing for being so close to Denver. 7.5 miles around 2 1/2 hrs

I was not impressed. The pictures uploaded made it seem as though it was a dirt trail. It was more of a bike path through Morrison over to Bear Creek Lake

Great hike for beginners or for those who want to take an easy day. Went yesterday 3.5.16 and was expecting a little more. Definitely a lot of bikers on the trail so be cautious. Also, I'm not sure where the guy went who posted the photos of the waterfalls and such, but it wasn't from this trail lol.

I was expecting a trail head. This was all pavement/side walks and crazy amount of bikers. I bought my dog so it wasn't that great because they were coming in every direction. Great for bikers I guess.

mountain biking
10 months ago

good singletrack for kids or beginners

Okay, pretty mellow and not much to look at, plus the roaring of 285 doesn't help. But good, mellow trail

These trails were not very well marked and this is only for a walk. Not even close to a hike. Would only go there again for the lake.

1 year ago

Gravel out and back trails closed due to flooding, only paved trail open today. Very full trails of bikers who have poor safety awareness. We took our dogs but because of the cyclists probably won't go back

Nice for a walk, too flat for hiking.

A few different roads or trails to take. I started on owl which was beautiful and intersect the fitness trail. Had a blast attempting all the random activities along the trail, finished at a lake for lunch and headed back. Very nice.

mountain biking
3 years ago

Did about ten miles of mostly singletrack here. Nothing technical and quite flat. It was a good start of the season ride. Seemed like there were lots of trail intersections.

This was a very nice hike. Not very much of an incline but the views were beautiful. This is a good trail to run on except for certain parts. A lot of bikes are on the trail so watch out for those.

You are talking about rode biking. The hike or mountain trail stays in bear creek resivor and does loop an 8 mile trail. Can be made longer, mostly these are singletrack connected by fireroads.