Good trail. Poorly marked.

Great trail. Only reason I don't give it 5 stars is due to a lack of any markings. Got off track a few times.

Very close to UCCS, good view of the front range and not too difficult to climb up the rock

It's a beautiful trail. Hiking up to the top is fairly easy and the view is immensely beautiful and serene. Watch out for rattlesnakes sunning.

Nice area for quick jaunts. It's nice to branch off this particular loop, and the rock formations at the top are interesting. There are some fun geocaches in the area for those who partake.

Quiet, not crowded. Slippery trails getting to the actual rock.

2 months ago

2 months ago

The trail is so developed, but I followed the map and it worked fine though sometimes I went off track and that's because there weren't any signs along the trail.

3 months ago

First of all, the trails are in awful shape. The primary ones are at least wide enough, but the trail marked on this app going clockwise up to the top is less of a hiking trail and more of a water runoff or game trail. I was often trekking through tall grass on a very narrow trail, and I was worried I would run into rattlesnakes given the fact that I was essentially walking in untouched area. Second, the trailhead marked on this app is in a neighborhood, and there are at least three better options that each have public parking lots. I recommend finding one of those then taking the trail counter-clockwise up to the top. Overall, I'm not impressed, and while the views were fine enough, I'm not likely to do this one again.

Very pretty, not exactly what I would call easy at least from the perspective of someone new to Colorado and Hiking. I found the map accuracy off a bit, perhaps due to the condition of the trails after heavy rain. We had to really search to find the trail at times as the system isn't marked. Definitely worth the trip, the view from pulpit is fantastic. Kids can hike this, but the main loop is long and rough. My 11 year old had trouble in a few spots. Surface is slippery, narrow, and rock strewn for much of the trail. It's worth the effort in my book, just take water, watch footing, and have good footwear.

Lots of branch offs. Nice to have the gps map.

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3 months ago

Lots of different paths branch off. Good views but pretty busy.

Quick and easy

This was a fun trail for the whole family. The trails closer to the top had a lot of loose rocks and need some TLC. If you are not sure footed or have very young kids this would be too much for them to make it to the summit, as parts of the trail is vertical and on smooth boulders. Our 7 year old did just fine and only needed a little help. If you stay on the wide trail you can end up in a neighborhood, and by judging from others recordings it's an easy mistake to do. The trail leading to Pulpit Rock is very narrow, if coming from the north, and almost missed it. The view is great! I love how it's so close, but perfect for a nice quiet hike.

on Pulpit Rock Park Trail

4 months ago

Nice walk with the kids. They enjoyed exploring around the top. A bit of loose rock. Love that it's close to the city.

5 months ago

Great views from the top! It's ready to get off course but all paths connect at some point so you end up at the top.

I'd prefer that the trails were marked better. Also, the distance we did was off compared to what was noted. The trail was nice but also difficult in parts that weren't noted. We were fine but it does seem unsafe for children in parts or those expecting an easier hike.