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amazing views!

Went for a sunrise hike in this trail in early November. Pretty cold and windy but great view at the top. Trail was covered in snow (the trail is basically a road) so we had to work around that. A bit more challenging above tree line. Give yourself 2 hours at least to get up.

rock climbing
11 days ago

First off this was a bitch that kicked me in the ball sack. The trail starts off quite rocky and continues that way until the size of the boulders increases. At one point I swear I had one tire on the very edge of the mountain cliff. This trail is not for the faint of hearted I believe it ascends around 3000 feet. I drove up confidently in a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee with all the bells and whistles. I had just swapped out my very bald stock tires for some slick BFGoodrich KO 2 all terrain tires so I thought I would be able to concur anything right? I was wrong. I came to a section of the road where the road narrowed quite significantly. To one side of the road was a big ass boulder and the other side was the side of the mountain. Needless to say I was hugging the boulder side of the road and inadvertently scraped the side of the jeep. Once I proceeded past the damage I continued on to ascend the road. After again ascending up the treacherously rocky road I continued to a point that was a real ball breaker. The road switched back to the left and was quite steep. I continued on after quite a struggle to ascend the steep grade. I then found myself up on a small rock about to split to hugh ass boulders. The better side of me came about and I decided to turn around at that point. I backed down on a very narrow roadway and proceeded to turn around and continue on my way down. About the half way point I turned right instead of left and found myself in unfamiliar terrain. I quickly descended the road and found myself at at dead end! My only option at this point was to reverse to the top where I made the wrong turn. I started my reversal and found myself in an all too familiar position. I was backing through a big boulder and the edge of the mountain cliff. I finally navigated my way in reverse back to where I started. I continued my ascent down and finally reached the bottom My god I am grateful I made it down in one piece. One final word. This road trail can and will kick you in the ball sack. I recommend you have a very high clearance vehicle as well as a good spotter as you're going to need it. Going up this road with a stock vehicle is not recommended. Bring someone along with you to watch your back. This is a difficult off road trail unless your prepared.

off road driving
1 month ago

Super fun trail. I would definitely recommend a high clearance 4x4 for some areas. The aspens are awesome. I will say that the trail is not that clearly market so just pay attention and you will be fine. Average speed was about 3.5 mph so plan accordingly. Happy jeeping!

off road driving
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4 months ago

Definitely a long hike. It is a service road that is extremely rocky. Worth the time to take it to the top.

off road driving
4 years ago

Not really that easy, LOTS of rocks, in fact we didn't finish and turned around.