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Arapaho National Forest is a National Forest located in north-central Colorado, United States. The facility is managed jointly with the Roosevelt National Forest and the Pawnee National Grassland from the United States Forest Service office in Fort Collins, Colorado. The combined facility of 1,730,603 acres (2,704.07 sq mi, or 7,420.35 km²) is denoted as ARP (Arapaho, Roosevelt, Pawnee) by the Forest Service.

Easy for natives used to altitude. Very rocky. Wear appropriate footware especially if you want to cross the glacier to get to the top. Gorgeous view!

Mount Bierstadt was great day hike. It was my first 14er. High traffic trail, but everyone was so friendly and encouraging. Great views once you summit. Very windy, and a bit cool.

6 days ago

Loads of false summits made a challenging hike!

Absolutely beautiful views! A must hike!

Beautiful hike. First mile is steep, 2nd mile is pretty flat, last mile is steep. We hiked around the lake a bit and there are many cairns to get you back on the right path if you stray from the path. On our way back we turned onto the continental divide trail just so we could see what lies beyond the ridge. I highly recommend doing so. The views from Jones Pass were great, and it only adds an extra mile or so onto your trek.

Great time out and we really enjoyed this trail. But the spring time is best!!

steep and rocky but stunning views

This was my first 14er and it was a nice start! We hiked it in the middle of the week so there was not much traffic. The first mile and a half is mostly boardwalks but It gets progressively harder. The top is a scramble, but the cairns give a good idea of the best way up. I would not recommend bringing your dog unless he/she is quite surefooted and can jump up big boulders. There is even a little geocache at the top. This was a very fun and rewarding hike!

Great views for a short hike. Definitely go the little extra up this hill past silver dollar to the next lake. I've done this hike twice cas I love it. The road up is a little sketchy but makeable

Wonderful trail for a 14er, and you get 2 for the price of 1! Grays peak is cool but Torrey's peak has better views I think. Overall outstanding hike. You can see for miles in every direction. The tallest peak by far for a long time.

There are always a ton of people, so that's just something you have to deal with. It's a gorgeous hike across a valley and up the ridge to the summit where you can see Evans, Grays, and Torrey's. Not too hard for a 14er so a great one if it is your first. Have fun!

8 days ago

Beautiful hike! I've done it twice now. Once in the spring with beautiful wild flowers, and once in the fall with the changing colors. The lake at the top is a relaxing finale.

I love this trail for the majestic views and the fantastic opportunities to observe pikas (my favorite Rocky Mountain critter!). Once you get past the people taking pictures with the continental divide sign, you nearly always have the trail entirely to yourself. It's fun to just set out and go as far as you feel like going on this trail. Nonstop views, great workout, and of course, adorable pikas!

9 days ago

Such a beautiful hike! Many river crossings which makes it a good trail for dogs.

Great and rewarding hike! Some parts were quite easy and others kicked the wind out of me. I have 2 active dogs and the trail had plenty of accessible water and shade for them. This is a great hike for active dogs, but not for the pups that don't hike regularly.
Follow the signs towards boulder creek/crater lakes, eventually you will see a trail marker for Roger's Pass.

9 days ago

Gorgeous hike! It has plenty of shade and water crossings which makes it great for dogs. There is an added bonus in the form of a beautiful waterfall. Don't hesitate to venture to Mohawk lake and/or Mayflower lake, they will not disappoint!

Go early and during a weekday to avoid the crowd. We talked to a guy that had been there 35 years ago with his dad and sadly the glacier used to cover way more than it does now. Still a must visit.