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11 days ago
apex is the best trail in the golden area check out my video of the enchanted forest downhill section. there is a crash at the end

I run this trail 3-4 times a week. Apex has some of the best views of the metropolitan area. I often hear elk bugling, see deer grazing, and sometimes see rattlesnakes basking in the sun. Local folks are very lucky to have this gem in our backyards. Many posts on here remind trail users to watch out for mountain bikers. I want to remind everyone of trail etiquette and it's the bikers who should be watching out for equestrians and hikers. Bikers should communicate and pass hikers with a comparable speed. I will say that a large majority of bikers do know who they yield to-hikers and horses, but some don't or choose to not adhere to JEFFCO bylaws. Please don't jump out of the way when you see a mountain biker. My fear is that they'll learn that everyone is yielding to them and that couldn't be farther from what is supposed to be happening. Apex is a multi-use trail. It's by NO means a trail for bikers to go "balls out" on.

Nice hike close to home!

Not my favorite. There are a lot of mountain bikers all over these trails so we were constantly stepping to the side of the narrow trails to let them pass. This trail is also really close to major roads and some sort of gravel lot or construction site of some kind so there is "civilization noise". There are also a lot of homes very close by so it doesn't feel much like being away in nature. There are options to make your hike more or less difficult or shorter or longer in length, which is nice.

really nice trail, a lot of route options which all loop back to the trailhead. tons of signage.

Close to Denver, and nice hike up. The downside is that it has little to no shade (I got lucky and went on cloudy day), and there are way too many bikes which for me ruins the whole experience. You have to keep stopping and move out of the way for the bikes and really be on the lookout for them because they're coming fast amd hardly let you know or care if there's a person on foot around the corner or doen the hill. Annoying!

Nice shaded areas on Enchanted Forest trail. Narrow trail in parts can make it difficult to pass with dogs.

so many bikes and hardly any shade. Trail was busy and we were constantly pulling the family and dog off the trail.

The views were the same as you snake up the side via switchbacks.

Not bad but the trails are narrow which made it hard to get out of the way of the many mountain bikers!

Really good hiking here. It is more a series of walking trails that go around and through the park. While not a steep ascent up, the gradual ascent definitely gets your heart pumping and the sweat pouring. I did the Apex Trail to the Enchanted Forest Trail, back on to the back side of Apex, to Hard Scramble to Sluice Box to Pick' N Sledge, and back on Apex to finish. All told it was about 7 miles and a great workout. Aside from Enchanted Forest, there really isn't much cover if it were a sunny and hot day.

We really enjoyed this hike despite the mountain bikes. We saw 3 deer in a beautiful setting. There's a lot of trail choice, and we took several trails to create a huge loop for ourselves, felt like we got to see many different environments. Fun time!

1 month ago

very well kept trails. nice hike.

Great hike on a well-maintained trail. Especially liked the Enchanted Forest portion of the trail.

Beautiful trail!

2 months ago

I started with a clear, blue sky in the early morning. There was little traffic and the trail was dry and in great condition. I took PicknSledge on the ascent and then Enchanted Forest on the descent.