2 years ago

Great little hike with a fantastic view of San Jacinto Peak! I parked at the Black Rock ranger station and walked to the trailhead, due east and then cut north when you hit the T. People also park at the trailhead. There are maps for free at the ranger station and also a map on the board at the trailhead. It is called the "Panorama Loop" now. You first walk through the canyon and then do the loop. Easy to follow. You are rewarded with great views for a pretty easy hike.

Of all the trails around Black Rock Campground. This one and Hi View Trail are friendly, because the path along the trail provide benches. This is probably the reason you'll likely see more people hiking over here then the other trails near the Campground. There's a trashcan at the trailhead, no restrooms or water This trail requires no fee to park or hike. It's a dirt road to get to the trailhead parking, so, don't drive too fast, some people might be on that road going 5 miles an hour with their windows rolled down. This is a must see trail if anybody is visiting Yucca Valley. Worth adding to your next hiking adventure, specially Hi - View Trail I would rank no. 1 and South Park Peak second.

This area is actually quite nice. Many of the wonderful trails at Black Rock Canyons will be deserted, don't be too surprised when you see that. There's a service road that looks like trail at the campground if you ended up walking there, eventually it will lead you to the trails on the southwest, so it's not a total lost if happen to stumble there by accident. The actual trail starts on the left side of the main entrance to the campground. Starting at Black Rock Canyon Trail, walk to the end and continue on to Panorama Loop trail then go to Warren Peak Trail.

Partial hikes was the agenda today. Was not on a mission to hike any peaks because those usually are very far. If anybody wanted to see what Joshua Trees environment was about? instead of going to Warren Peak, go left to Short Loop Trail, then right to Canyon View Trail. Then you'll understand the beauty of Joshua trees ! :)

Well to start the trail like most of the Black Rock area trails you can start at the backcountry board in the campground or over by camp site #30. We started at site #30 there you will see the trail head sign follow them till see the water tank just a tiny bit north on the fire road you will see west loop trail (Warren Peak will not be on the sign), follow it for a 1 mile or 1.5 mile. Then you will finally see Warren peak sign. A good 1.5 mile you will be in a washhope you enjoy sand. There is a small spring on the trail when we were there. Then continue to follow the signs about 2 miles the signs will be a wooden post. Follow the W.P. wooden sign. Up to this point the trail is not very steep, last mile it becomes pretty steep, though the trail is in good enough shape you do feel safe going up to the peak, you will be looking right at the peak for the final climb, once at the top there is a geological survey maker there with AMAZING views of Yucca Valley, Morongo Valley, Palm Springs area and even the Salten sea. The trail continues to Warren View, which is a short side trail, the view is not quite as good as the peak and it is also lower elevation. Enjoy lunch up at the peak take in the view, rest drink water because soon you will be walking back down the same trail and back in the sandy wash.