Misty cool day. No views but beautiful in a different way. The oasis at the end was magic but a bit hard to find. The trail was easy to walk and not too steep

Loved this hike! Way to work those legs, raise your heart rate and see amazing views of the valley, canyon and surrounding mountains.

Not a trail for the novice! Enjoy!

2 months ago

great hike..views of Salton sea and wind turbines when you get close to top. usually closet to top cools down and get breeze with the altitude..have seen bighorn sheep on this hike quite a bit

Was great to bring small kids in wagon because of the paved pathway and will definitely come back for future bike rides and or jogging with my dog:-)

spectacular flowers after the three mile mark

9 months ago

I lost the trail and spent a lot of time in the wash within the canyon, which is slow going.

What a great trail, decided to stay to the right and off the wash which made it a moderate hike. We were also able to spot a big horn. We will definitely do this trail again.

A great hike we stayed to the right of the trail and climbed up instead of walking through the wash, which made it a moderate hike. We will definitely do this trail again. We're able to see a big horn as well.

road biking
11 months ago

Beautiful scenery and easy biking trail.

11 months ago

Good road trail, nice and not super crowded

11 months ago

Hiked this trail in early January and while starting off easy it presents with a steady uphill climb until just before the oasis. The views of San jacinto peak were quite beautiful and the diversity of cacti also stunning. Well worth the jaunt.

It's a great hike but if you go all the way to the oasis it's not easy. The track the shows 4.4 miles one way is correct but the elevation gain is much more than 134 ft, just look at the graph, starts at 2300 ft and end at 1300 ft. Just a warning this is a difficult hike, take lots of water in warm weather.

A good trail with a variety of levels. There are two ways to go: One way (the main way) takes you up some rocky terrain, then downhill you'll pretty much be walling down soft sand the whole time. If you choose this path, I'd rate it as a moderate hike. But if you go the opposite direction, you'll be climbing uphill in all soft sand, then down the rocky terrain. That would make the hike a lot more difficult, rating it as "hard."
There's not much to see except a lot of dirty desert, rusty metal scraps and broken glass...unless you're lucky enough to encounter some Big Horn Sheep.

My wife and I headed out a little later in the day so we took it pretty quick up the trail. It was a great hike for both of us. Never been up there and we really enjoyed the hike. Gorgeous sights to see and the views are outstanding. Weather was cool and coming back later in the afternoon just before sunset was really nice and our first experience in that situation. I would recommend doing that to anyone. Take a head lamp if you do. Trail is really rocky and several switchbacks. The trail is nice and always easy to see after you leave wash area on the way up. If you have it, use Google maps to track yourself. It helped us find the oasis to see how we progressed along the trail. Take plenty of water and snacks.

This was a really fun trail with spectacular views of the Coachella Valley and Salton Sea. The beginning was a bit tricky to navigate due to poor signage but after you start ascending, it is obvious where the trail is. Perfect weather, not too hot, about 60 degrees. Had the trail pretty much to myself except for the beginning and ending mile. Oasis super cool in the middle of nowhere.

rock climbing
1 year ago

Great trail, well marked. I followed the creek for a while and did some great rock climbing that has amazing views. Great trail. Would do again. No shade.

mountain biking
1 year ago

Here's another trail where half of it can be done on a bike but to extreme once you hit the mountains going up.

Beautiful view on the way up and down. The trail ended with a palm tree oasis which was a little strange. Overall it was a great hike!