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This is the best wildflower trail on the planet, but it has to be done at it's peak in March!

Straight up but well worth the hike. Late summer, when the falls have slowed down, you can swim at the top edge!! It's beautiful.

If done in the full distance, as I did, it will be rather strenuous. Lots of inclined switchbacks with little to no river view for about 2/4 of the time. The long haul is worth the climb though. there is about 3 pools to stop at and the tallest has a plethora of holes to swim in. CAUTION!!! These pools that move slower than the rest of the river do have leeches in them. Check your body before you decide to go back down. bring water and walking sticks will help a ton.

Awesome chest deep pool midway up the falls. Well worth the hike!

We did only the first part of the trail, to the lower falls, and it was great. Only about a 45 minute hike total, which was all we needed this day. Our five year old did awesome on the hike. Not crowded at all.

6 months ago

We hiked up with the plan to spend the night at the top and then continue on the trail for five days. We found such a nice spot with a secluded pond not too far from the falls that we stayed there the entire time. Beautiful!

Was a very nice view at the end. A little tough on the way up, but just took a few breaks along the way. Would definitely do this one again!

This was a bit difficult, but doable! We made it to where the water falls are close up and the area has a rocky open area. We had lunch and then headed back down! Amazing views and spent the day with some great friends. We all felt it was an awesome hike and shouldn't be missed!

7 months ago

Thoroughly enjoyed this trail. Hiked it April 30. Started early and had the trail to ourselves. Very cool but as the day wore on the layers came off. The falls were really flowing. Had a picnic lunch above the falls where there was still snow. The sun was warming. On the hike back there were many people coming up. Bring water.

loved this trail. my group are in their 60s and 70s. the trail is shaded by the trees and this was very welcome as it was 80 F. the slope is very gradual. you scarcely feel the 2.300 feet go by.
we completed the ascent in just 2 hrs and 20 minutes.
the views of the lower falls are the best.

Loved it!

Incredible! Service is spotty. Lost recording on All Trails and Strava. Hike was awesome. So worth it.
Think the hike is closer to 4.5 in and out, totaling close to 9 mi round trip.

It was a great trail away from the bustle and activity in the valley area. Spectacular views from the waterfalls

We really enjoyed this trail. Took our 10 year old daughter with us and she did fine. She was a little winded and took a few second break coming back, as there is more incline heading back. I read the path was narrow but I hadn't read that it was aping the edge of the mountain you're on for the first mile and a half or so. Was beautiful though. Also had our German Shepherd with us and of course he loved it. We started too late so we only got a little over two miles down the trail and had lunch and had to head back. Really want to return to finish this one! Do watch out for the poison oak.

9 months ago

Loved this trail. A couple of downed tree obstacles. A case of scrambling under or endeavoring to get over. Otherwise a great hike.

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