Gorgeous. Just right on difficulty. Not crowded.

Love to start at the Folgers stables, hike to Alice's Restaurant have lunch (and a beverage of your choice) and back down.

A less known but still very accessible trail. Redwoods, Madrones, Oaks and Elms are all prevalent. Nice single trail that stays fairly level and even along the roughly 4.5 mile loop. Enjoy!!

I agree with Elizabeth: this is rather a moderate run. Large trail, not so steep uphills. Very nice !

trail running
2 months ago

It's lovely!

Great hike with fabulous scenery. I would consider it moderate, not hard.

Awesome trail a great hike

Trail is great....but dogs/pets not allowed. The all trails overview is incorrect. Says dogs are allowed on leash.

3 months ago

Redwood trail hiking at its best. Lots of climbing, but not too punishing. If you like sun, the lower section of Alambique is nice. For shade I'd go Bear Gulch and Skyline.

Not too crowded, with occasional horses on the lower trails.

Great place to hike! Light traffic and no problems finding parking if you go early in the morning (arrive there by 7am). Nicely shaded except for maybe the Meadows trail which looked uncovered.

Nicely shaded hike. Downfalls: lots of horse manure on the trail and pets are not allowed.

Not a lot of people, good temperature in the summer, very easy. Wide trails.

Nice hike. Make sure you have a map in hand. We did a 9 miles hike. We got a confused missed a trial. It was supposed to be 11 miles hike

The lake looks all dry unfortunately but still a nice hike through the woods.

trail running
5 months ago

Very nice, but not many viewpoints. Did the whole loop in two hours with easy to moderate intensity.