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First time using All trials. The trail location was not found. When we entered the park, we followed the first visible trail through on the right up the side of the mountain, which lead to the top of the hill. The trail signs were not clear as to how far or where to continue each trail. We kept following the trail straight up and then eventually turned around because we were unsure which trail we were on. After back tracking back down the trail we came, we decided to take Oak tree loop. It eventually took us in a loop near the abandoned White House and back up to the top near Hi Up Road. We took the trail back down where we came to the front of the back. Besides the unclear trail signs, we had a great adventure!

horseback riding
3 months ago

Beautiful lots of trails and lots of beautiful oak trees

Really nice place, lots of trees, birds, and even saw a bobcat very close. May have seen a cougar but disappeared before I could confirm. Seemed larger than a bobcat.

Fairly dusty this time of year, so be prepared for that and wear appropriate shoes.

Great workout/ running trail. Lots of overgrowth, most of trail is narrow, it crosses other trails and can mix you up. Older kids ok, I don't recommend for little ones.

overgrown but yet beautiful

Some trails are really overgrown, but it's a beautiful park

I decided to go to the right at the entrance. It was beautiful but very overgrown, lots of wildflowers and bees. I do not recommend going by yourself. I saw a snake with its body swaying in the air half way through the trail and ran back out. I realize I was hiking at a bad time of day- noon. Maybe morning would be better. Bring a machete, a stick and a friend.


horseback riding
10 months ago

There are nice trail loops in the park, there is a nice wide dirt road up to the old ranch and smaller more rugged trails that loop up and back in the park. There are mountain lions along with coyotes, deer, bobcats and bear that live in the park, I suggest to bring some type of protection if you will be alone. I have never heard of any type of attack but always better to be safe than sorry. Any hiking/riding/biking in the park is beautiful, you can cross Wildwood Canyon Rd to the south where there is a wash and park. You can also go north through the park past the old ranch in the state park and end up on Oak Glen Rd which you can take west into Yucaipa or east into Oak Glen. If you go east when you reach Oak Glen Rd there is a new park, El Dorado, on the north side that also has trails for bikes/horses/hiking.

horseback riding
1 year ago

You forgot One of the largest groups to use these trails, the equestrians.You cannot go to the trail head without seeing one or more trailers. so happy trails and watch out for the rattlers.

I have been on both trails up to the ranch house , barn, and other buildings as well as to the hi up house. The fire road that goes to the ranch house is nice and wide. There's little shade so go early in the summer and always bring water. Then, there was the line of trees right by the entrance of the ranch. My 4 and 6 year old had no trouble with this trail and its okay for strollers. A bit long if you don't walk with your stroller that often.I would only take the strollers made for dirt trails and stay on fire road only. The high up trail is narrow at some points there are a couple places to catch it.Not made for strollers. If you go by the picnic area it's covered with trees and shady for a while. If you go to the main entrance by gate, it is open for a bit. Still love both trails. We made a canvas out of the picture of the trees along the hike and hung it in our living room. Great for young kids.

My honey and I did the trail first time for her beautiful morning and cool breeze up on top moderate hike the climb was easy, I would recommend it go due it. we did see a full grown female Deer couldn't get any better.

Did this hike this morning with my dog. The hike starts off very easy and slowly gets harder until you drop of onto a fire road (Pisgah Peak Road). You have to walk the fire road for about a mile or so until you get to a gate. We just hiked right up the very steep ridge up to the peak. Great views of the valley and Oak Glen especially if it were to be a very clear day. No shade or water on the trail. Saw a Bald Eagle coming down from the peak too. Took just over 3 hours and I felt like it was a little more than 6 miles

I didn't quite make it to the top as the trail got a little rough for me. Hiking on the dirt roads are great, but once the trail starting climbing and going over the summits, it was much more difficult. The trails needed some upkeep as it felt like I was bush whacking much of the way. It is pretty defined though, but definitely wear pants! Once I hiked up to the the dirt road I figured I had enough and started down the road to make a loop. The views are pretty spectacular. On a clear day you can see a really long way out there!