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trail running
4 days ago

Spectacular views of the San Francisco Bay and San Pablo Reservoir. Lots of wildlife - coyotes, turkeys, cows. Ran the loop after it rained so pretty muddy but trails are very maintained and easy to navigate. Definitely some good inclines but the views are worth it and always fun to watch the cows. Make sure the cattle gates lock when you walk through. Also be mindful as you cross a couple of streams. Parking fills up fast on weekends.

16 days ago

1 month ago

A nice trail that I did with 4 friends. It goes in and out of trees and mostly wide open spaces with some pretty good views. Most of the trail is old roads with a small mix of single track connectors. We were there at the wrong time watching a couple of bulls going at each other until one decided to chase us..... Fortunately there are some huge power lines there and we were close and jumped up on the cement supports and got out of harms way.

I started at the Alvarado Park and went for few miles strenuous uphill hike: First to the Bonitas Gate Trail, then the Monte Cresta Trail, I passed the Belgum Trail and reached the San Pablo Ridge Trail. Instead of hiking up to the ridge I went below it. Coming down the hill by the Mezue Trail and turned right onto the Wildcat Creek Trail and back to the parking lot. Total distance was 6.5 miles with 1,263 ft. elevation (see my recorded track). This track was rated moderate and I did it for little over 2 hours. This track has many great views for the hills, canyon and the bay (see photos). I highly recommended.

Wildcat is a great hike with some great views and if you're doing it in the heat along with the distance maybe it should have a little more than a moderate rating.

What a fabulous hike! Great views from the ridge line. A number of mountain bikers around. It was fairly vertical in parts especially to the summit but it's worth it! One of my favorite hikes!

3 months ago

It's my second time here. Choose the easy trail with my 2 kids who still need to be in the stroller. My 2 yrs old walked by himself for a bit. And it's safe and fun for him to go free like a maniac. Nice shady area on the trip. Pretty easy to walk and push stroller with. Great day to spend with friends and family for a healthy activity like this.

We went during the drought and there was no shade and it was pretty dry and hot. Ill need to come back in a different climate

Great trail with amazing views

Great views, shade for the most of the trail, long but very moderate. Perfect for a Sunday morning hike.

Much of the same

Great, but a few steep sections.

I had a great hike. The weather was perfect and the view was gorgeous.

Wildcat Canyon is right in my backyard so it is easy for me to access these trails anytime I wish. What a priviledge to be able to hike one of the premire hiking spots in the Bay Area! The views from the trail are phenomenal! To the east you can view the San Pablo Reservior while to the west you can view the Skyline of San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge and Mount Tamilpias. You can also make your hike as long or as short as you like. Wildcat Canyon Trail meanders through a forested area of oak, eucalyptus and pine while Nimitz Trail takes you along the San Pablo Ridge reaching heights of nearly 1,500 ft.. The route along the Ridge can be fairly windy and sunny so bring a wind jacket and hat. Another great feature of this area is all the wildlife. Plus, all the cows grazing on the hillside. Hikers, runners, bikers, etc. will all appreciate this "gem" of the East Bay.

Been hiking this trail for 15 years. Great traffic and amazing views!

It was a hot day when I tried out Wildcat Canyon Regional Park. The loop I did was mostly unshaded. I would recommend some serious sunscreen and a good amount of H2O if you're out in the summer months doing this route. Starting at the Alvarado Staging Area begin on Wildcat Creek Trail - Mezue Trail - San Pablo Ridge Trail - Belgum Trail. This loop took me about 2 hrs and was just over 6 miles. The first trail of this route isn't anything special, it's mostly paved and pretty uninteresting. However, the rest of the loop does offer some great views. There is no fee at the entry and I was able to find parking easily.

Wildcat from Richmond is a little treasure. The entrance is on a hilltop above the town and the views, even before starting the hike, are great. Lots of dogs and my friend even had a small wedding gathering there at the picnic area.