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A narrow red-walled chasm, boulder-strewn Redfield Canyon lies bound by tall cliffs pocked with eroded caves. With a bit of exploration you may find cascades and deep refreshing pools hidden in side canyons. Some small canyons in the area contain perennial streams. In the eastern portion of the Wilderness, Galiuro Escarpment rises impressively, an example of the fault-block development for which the Basin and Range Province is known. You'll find no established trails here, but the canyons are suitable for hiking. Over the years photographers have been drawn to the scenic, water-rich side canyons of Redfield. A substantial portion of the western half of the area is privately owned; you must obtain permission before crossing it. Park closes at sunset.

Nice trail, lots of options and difficulty levels. Will go back again

Mostly a nature walk through a canyon. The very end is the only slightly technical part of the hike. Great hike for beginners, kids, elderly, etc. surprised by the red rocks in Orange County!

it was beautiful trekking trail
but little to easy trail

Start at Concourse Park (free parking) and find the trailhead to the right of the park. It's downhill until you connect to the Sleepy Hollow Trail which is narrow and takes you through a pretty grove of live oaks. Look out for mountain bikers. Trail continues up to a ledge and then loops back around to the bottom of the hill that takes you up to Concourse Park. The uphill climb is somewhat steep and a bit long so you'll probably be huffing and puffing as you climb out to your car. All told, this is a beautiful hike with not a lot of people on it. Loved the oak grove and the ridgeline views.

Hands down my favorite hike I've been on since I moved from Utah to Orange County! The trail to the red rocks is gentle with lots of trees and lots of shade, and the red rocks themselves are uniquely aesthetic and fun to climb. Very reminiscent of the red rocks of my home state. I will definitely be coming back here!

Fun. Good training hill for bigger and better things

Fairly straightforward neighborhood hike with little elevation gain. Terrain is extremely sandy during the dry summer months and rocky throughout most sections. This is one of the more shaded hikes in Orange County. Great morning/afternoon hike destination (~1.5 - 3 hrs). Great view of the red rock canyon at the end. Fairly straightforward to navigate - Borrego up, right on Mustard, left onto Red Rock immediately after turning on Mustard.

Fairly challenging hike, I enjoyed the red rocks at the end, but it's at the very very end of the trail.

Fun hike. Make sure when you turn left at the first red rock sign that you immediately stay to the right or you miss the trail

Great trail for the most part. Shady at parts of trail were welcomed. Did get a little rocky as we got closer to the red rock canyon seemed like we were hiking through what would be a creek bed. End of the trail was closed so couldn't go all the way. Although we are novice hikers including my nine year old with Down syndrome, we had a great time.

This hike was a lot of fun, but I'm not sure I would call it a hard hike. It had some challenging moments, but overall a moderate hike.
It took me longer to get out to the actual Billy Goat Trail than it did to hike it.

Not a challenging hike, but rewarding when you get to the end.
I added it as part of a longer hike, and found it to be a nice diversion from the Billy Goat and Vista Outlook.

Easy hike in, but a steep uphill climb once you turn onto Mustard Road. The hike flattens out when you get to the Vista Lookout turn.
Enjoyable, with a great view (and breeze) when you get to the top.

Pretty easy hike, mostly flat with some sand along the way. The canyon at the end is pretty cool and Sedona-esque. Climb some rocks in the canyon and have a lunch. $3 parking

Scenery was beautiful and the canyon itself was cool. The hike was around 4 miles round trip and wasn't too difficult. Highly recommend this hike!

Great family hike / off and on sun and shade.