The Whiskeytown-Shasta-Trinity National Recreation Area is a United States National Recreation Area in northern California. It has a total of 203,587 acres (82,389 ha) of land, which is divided into three units, Whiskeytown, Shasta and Trinity. The recreation area was established in 1965 by the United States Congress. The National Park Service manages the Whiskeytown unit. The Shasta-Trinity National Forest surrounds the Shasta and Trinity units, so they are managed by the United States Forest Service. Recreational activities available include camping, fishing, swimming, boating and hiking.

It's a great trail I have hiked it many times and it's so awesome every time

Most of it was shaded which I love. Waterfall was a nice at the end

This trail is rated as moderate but I would say its difficult. mostly up hill to the falls. That being said its beautiful and worth the work. Lots of trees very shady hike. I do not have children but I would not recommend bringing young kids as the path gets narrow at certain points and again there are steep inclines. I do look forward to doing this again but being more prepared with more water and bugspray.

The trail is not too long, but it gets steep in areas. There are plenty of places to catch your breath though. Beautiful trail with places to get down to the creek along the way. It hooks up with the Mill Creek Trail too. The falls are amazing, the water cold, and it's worth bringing your lunch so you can stay and play a little.

3 months ago

Very pleasant and easy walk with lots of shade. Beautiful views of the lake, up close, throughout the whole walk. Easy access down to the water. We took our time with photos and sitting to enjoy the peace. We did it in 3 hours.

A couple areas where we needed to watch out for footing. We enjoyed the break from a long drive up from eureka, wonderful to see the lake up close and stick out feet in in the water

This is a well maintained trail that is deceptively demanding. There are 5 or more long, steep hills on the inbound trip. We are from out of the area. We met a local regular on the trail who feels this is the toughest hike in the Redding area. Having said that, I would definitely do it again. PS, the trail is closed between the upper and lower falls because the rock pathway is too slick from mist off the falls.

Nice hike. A little steep in a couple places but worth seeing the falls.

Nice hike to take your family on for the weekend.

Very easy trail to hike or jog. Absolutely beautiful landscape. Took me about 45 mins, took a pictures as I went.

Great hike! First 2 miles were easy. Than it gets new difficult. Lots of poison oak!!!!!! Many creek crossing. It was beautiful!

Awesome trail. Watch out for the poison oak and bring extra socks!

A little workout going up. Totally worth it. The waterfalls were amazing and a great place to eat lunch.

8 months ago

I loved it

9 months ago

Beautiful morning walk around Shasta lake. The water is rising and views are amazing.

Very nice trail with multiple spots to stop and rest along the way. The falls at the end are absolutely beautiful. Very easy to do at your own pace. Dog friendly and family friendly.

1 year ago

To get here from Redding, drive west on hwy 299, past Whiskeytown lake, then turn left on Crystal Creek Rd. Drive for just over 3 miles to the parking area. We took 4 children (aged 5-9) and did the entire hike in 1 hour and 50 minutes, including some play time at the falls. Bring warm clothes, especially during the fall/winter. It gets 15-20 colder on this trail than down in Redding.

Nice and cool, easy trail, but VERY buggy! Bring bug spray!